Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3

Weekly Update:
SUNDAY: We had a great sunday afternoon. None of our investigators were at church, but it was still an awesome week. I dyed my hair............"was it suppose to be this purple?"
MONDAY: We had p-day and we had a wonderful lesson with some members in our ward.
TUESDAY: We had an interesting day. We had district meeting, and then we went and visited a ton of people. It was a miracle that we got  to see as many people as we did. We saw lots of miracles. No new investigators but tons of seeds planted! After dinner, we took the member who fed us to a referral's house to teach them. We taught most of lesson 1... and then something told me that I should ask them why they wanted to have missionaries over. They told me that the only reason was that their daughter wanted to learn more. Not the parents.  Ahh…so... lesson learned. First establish that you're teaching the right person. We had her come in and listen as well. So yeah... it's a lot better to teach someone who's willing to listen. The spirit can teach their hearts so much more powerfully.
WEDNESDAY: Well today one of the other elders in the other manhattan ward, Elder Shumway,  got E.T.ed.... (Emergency Transferred).  Super random…but I guess thats how Emergency Transfers are.
THURSDAY: ZONE CONFERENCE! Super great!  After zone conference we had dinner and then got a call from the Wamego elders, and now Elder Clay is being E.T.ed!  He is a really fun elder and he made our district so fun! We got to be really great friends, and he plays the guitar really well. It's sad….but Wichita will be getting a great Elder! (Emergency transfer numero dos)
FRIDAY: Sister Brusch was told by Sister Bell (our mission Mom) to go to the chiropractor. So we took her there and while we were there they check her shoulder that has been bugging her. It turns out it's popped out of place and it's too inflamed to do much about it.   Ooops... probably shouldn't have punched my companion...jk jk!  I didn't hit her. We have no idea how it happened. Sister Brusch was not feeling well so she went on splits with the sisters to Ogden so she could sleep in the car. Sister Phadnis and I went street contacting. On our way out the door we got a call from one of the AP's Elder Ives......…(for any of the return non-missionaries out there,  getting a call from the ap's is not a good thing).... But Sister Phadnis is getting E.T.ed!!   Emergency transfer  numero tres!!! It looks like she's going to Concordia, and nobody is coming to replace her :( so we literally have no idea why our companion was taken.  So yeah it's just us two now.
SATURDAY: Well... we got sister Phadnis all packed and then gave her to the Sister Training Leaders to go to Concordia. Then we went to the urgent care to check out sister Brusch's shoulder. It took us 3.5 hours to find out that it COULD be torn and that we need to see an orthopedic surgeon, to see if it really is torn and if it needs surgery. Scary thought, that sister Brusch might be going home to have shoulder surgery.  After that we went to the evening session of stake conference, had dinner and then prepared for a very good night rest seeing as it is daylight savings and all. Yes one more hour of sleep!!
SUNDAY: BEST MORNING EVER! No ward council, an extra hour of sleep and stake conference starts at 10 instead of 9!!! There were some great things said in conference! One thing that the stake president wants to have happen in each ward is to have the bishop will call two youth to be indexing specialists. They will teach families to index during the second hour of the block.  How cool is that?!  Well who knows technology and computers better than teenagers?! It makes total sense! I really liked the idea! This stake conference was all about doing missionary work as a family.  Not just proclaiming the gospel, but perfecting the saints and redeeming the dead. Those are all parts of the lords work.
Thank you for the prayers!!
Have a great week,
Sister Moffat
ME, Sister Brusch, Sister Phadnis! Awesome Trio!
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