Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27

MONDAY: So today we had a really great p-day and we visited less actives
TUESDAY: We had a doctor's appointments for Sister Brusch and Sister Phadnis and so we hardly  had any proselyting time.  But we did have two super solid lessons with a recent convert and a member family
WEDNESDAY: We had a meeting with the zone leaders. They just talked to us about how our week was going and if we needed any help with anything. I think they were just wanting to see how we were doing emotionally. haha!  We have a new investigator named Lindsay Poe! She came with her family to the church tour that we had a while ago (that totally failed…but I guess not totally)  YAY!
THURSDAY: We had another doctors appointment and a meeting with the STL's. They wanted to follow up on exchanges, and they want us to tract less..... I can see why they say that. Tracting isn't the most effective way to use our time... but I love tracting!  I really used to hate it but now I don't.  But apparently we shouldn't plan for time to tracting. It's ok…. repentance is real. And it totally works! yeah, It can solve a lot of problems if I'm willing to learn.
FRIDAY: We had a pretty good day. We visited a lot of people.
SATURDAY: We had a slow day. We had a ton of places to go. First it was a funeral in the morning for the Riding's baby boy. That was really sad. Funerals are always emotional and a little draining. Then we had to go up to a baptism in Wamego about 20 minutes east of Manhattan.
Then we had to come straight back and then start making mac and cheese for our fall festival (Thank you mom for the recipe! It came just as we were getting home to start making it!) It turned out really well! Then we headed over to the church to help set up for the fall festival, which was a blast! We handed out candy at our trunk or treat, and we sat in the trunk and were trunkie missionaries! hahaha! Super funny!
SUNDAY: Today was a miracle day! We worked really hard and we did everything that we could and everything fell into place and we hit standard on everything except 'on date'. We needed 2 people and then we would have hit standard! yes! Finally some progress! It's been so long since I've been able to see some progress in this area. I love comp unity!!!!!
Over all this week was amazing! I love my new companions!  We grew really close this last week, and we saw miracle after miracle after miracle!  It was beautiful with all the colored leaves and such. It's really awesome!
Over and out-
Sister Moffat

Sister Phadnis
Sister Brusch

LOL! I Love halloween

October 20

I absolutely adore my two new companions Trios are the best ever! We get along so well, and I can already see the work starting to progress! Now that Sister Phadnis, Sister Brusch and I are united in the work, it's going so much smoother and we found 4 new investigators this last week! Crazy how comp unity can change everything!

MONDAY: We had a great p-day lunch. A member from Wamego came all the way to manhattan to feed us...drum roll please...DEEP FRIED BURRITOS! Oh my goodness they were so good! They were stuffed with beef and cheese, and probably the most unhealthy thing I've ever eaten. 
TUESDAY: We went and visited a few less actives and packed and packed... and cleaned and packed.
WEDNESDAY: I drove all the way down to Wichita and back! And I am very happy to report that no one was injured. I almost hit a tire that was just chillin in the road though. Transfers were so awesome! Sister Judy was suppose to be up in Wichita from dodge, since her companion was going home.   But  there wasn't room for her in the van, so she had to stay. Such a bummer! She's my pretend "mom",  and her pretend "mom" is Sister Christiansen.  Sister Christiansen is going home and so we could have taken a three generational picture! But Sister Christensen and I took a picture and sent it to her. My camera just died so you all have to wait till next week for pictures. sorry.
 Sister Brusch and Sister Phadnis are super great! We had a bit of a fiasco trying to get a third bed into our apartment.... but it happened. Such a ghetto apartment. Super small for two people... and now we have three. Partay!
THURSDAY: Yes, I still love my companions! We went and visited a ton of member and introduced the sisters to the ward. Lots and lots of fun! We walked a ton and my feet hurt.
FRIDAY: We visited some more members and we tracted some.  We visited a Nepalese family and made them new investigators! Woot Woot!! 3 new investigators! Makund, Divi, Babpoo, and Mietri. They are so cool! Their house always smells like Kohinoor! (that Indian restaurant on state street in Orem). Sister Phadnis is part Indian and her dad was raised Hindu. She has a lot in common with them and it was perfect that she came to Manhattan. We have another investigator who is Hindu and a member who is part Indian. Perfect! No such thing as coincidence! The lord has a plan for EVERYTHING!
SATURDAY: We had a lot of appointments! Yay! I love sitting on couches! We did some service and we found a new investigator! that makes 4! (We had a total of three for the ENTIRE transfer last transfer…. so only 3 investigators for 6 weeks.)  I now have a  FIRM testimony of comp unity. Last transfer was a struggle but we now we have some unity and are already seeing so many miracles! If there is anyone who just drives you nuts... work it! Your life will be some much better without any contention! Make sure your relationships are where they need to be  and you will feel so much more joy in your life. I promise!
SUNDAY: We had a great idea to do a MMTC…. (MEMBER MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER) for like 3 hours on the last week of November. We are going to have people come and we are going to give them tags and missions calls, and then put them in classes on how to be member missionaries and how to do missionary work. We'll do some roll plays of differnet situations with investigators and such. The missionaries are going to be the teachers and then investigators just like in the MTC. Then we'll  give everyone m&ms because "Member Missionaries". Its going to be so much fun! I can't wait! I'll take pictures and videos of it and send them home next month.
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and miss you so much!
-Sister Moffat

PS. Mom, could you send me a home made mac and cheese recipe in the mail? I have to make mac and cheese for our ward fall festival and for a baby funeral in our ward. So so sad. The Riding family in our ward just lost their baby. She had him at 27 weeks and he was doing good, but went down hill really fast. He past away a couple of days ago. Their four other children didn't even get to see him because the NICU is on lock down. If you would pray for them I am sure they would appreciate it.

Manhattan is BEAUTIFUL!
Sister Brusch and I

October 13

MONDAY: P day was fun. We played an epic game of ping pong. Sadly my ping pong skills are not up to par :( I got my hair cut... finally! the mullet is no more. Then we had a great dinner and lesson at a member's home with one of out investigators. It went really really well. We're getting her closer to baptism.
TUESDAY: We had another great lesson with that same investigator and she seems to be doing well. We had a great district meeting. We tried a bunch of less actives but no one would visit with us.
WEDNESDAY: We did service at habitat for humanity and they're putting us in their news letter because we help out so much! Yay publicity! We then visited one of our favorite recent converts. She's 11, and really really enjoys coming to church and feeling the spirit. After dinner at another recent convert's house we had a  great discussion on the priesthood. They are so strong in their testimonies its ridiculous! And they have only been baptized for 3 months. Crazy, Awesome!
THURSDAY: So today both sister Prince and Sister Herrin got sick, so Sister Call and I went on a random exchange. We visited a potential investigator, but she wasn't home. But we talked to her roommate and made her a new investigator for the university sisters! YAY spreading the gospel!  So when we went to dinner, I totally forgot which apartment the member we were suppose to have dinner with lived in. So we just knocked on the door we thought it was in and it was not our member, but we got a new investigator! Yay! Finally a new investigator!!!! Happy dance!!!
FRIDAY: We got a referral from a family in our ward and so we tried her. Her name is sarita and she is so prepared! We also found out that her mom is a less active that we didn't know lived in our area! Sa-weet!!! We had a really awesome lesson with them and the spirit was there! Best day ever!
SATURDAY: We went to visit some less actives members but we went to the first one we found out that she's not a member.  She was on the ward roster because she had visiting teachers and was going to get baptized but never. She said it was because her family in Nepal would have beep upset by it. But we asked her if she'd like missionaries to come and teach her and her family again and she said that she would. We also invited her to see the movie meet the Mormons when it comes out on dvd, and she was really really interested in that. But most importantly she want's to come back to church! "New Investigator! oh yeah!"(I said that in my vector voice)
SUNDAY: We finally got one of our investigators to come back to church! Yes!
We made cookies and took them around to memebers and less actives. We took some to a family in our ward who is going through a really tough time. The mom was going through a really tough pregnancy and then she had her baby at 27 week. She came home from the hospital but she has to leave her baby in the NICU in Topeka, 2 hours away! The NICU is in lock down because it's cold and flu season, so her other four children can't see they're baby brother until Christmas! How rough is that?! My heart just brakes for them!
After we visited with them for a while we went to dinner and had a great lesson with a less active in our ward. He's coming to church on sunday.

Sister Prince and I got caught in a rain storm
Love being a missionary!
I found this picture of Sister Judy and I before she left

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 6

I wish I had more if an update this week, all I can say is that things are still slow. Nothing seems to be working. I'm working on my pride and learning to be teachable. I've never known how much I've needed humbling until now. I knew that humility is being submissive and meek, but I never understood why we must have confidence and also be humble and not prideful. Well I read in preach my gospel that we must have confidence so that we can do all that the lord requires of us.  I thought that was beautiful! It makes so much more sense to me now! 
Also,  go watch Meet the Mormons! It's great!  (President Bell was able to get permission for us watch it.  He's the best mission president ever!) 
Love you!

September 29

Wow. It's really cold in the library right now. My fingers are really numb.  I don't have a lot of time because I needed to take a driving test. I'll write you some more this week in a letter.
Love you all

Letter written Sept 30:
HI! So I have to be super fast because I only have a few moments to write, but I just had an incredible experience during our nightly prayer.  Remind me to tell you in my email next week.  Just know that it all makes sense now! I know why I was called on a mission and I know why I came out. 
I love you all so much!
XOXO Sister Moffat

September 22

Yay! we found a shopping cart!

Teaching a lesson on the Second Coming

September 15

Hey everyone,
It's been a really stressful, emotional, crazy week.
We visited a lot of members and less actives to say goodbye and to introduce Sister Prince to everyone.  
And then Sister Judy left….
She was my rock.  Whenever something went wrong I could always just turn and look at her and she would reassure me and everything would usually turn out fine.  And now I'm in charge and Sister Prince doesn't know the area or the members at all, so I'm the one she looks to.  I'm actually the most senior missionary in the area…and I've only been here for 3 months, yikes.
Its a little stressful… Sister Judy was like my mama.  She understood me and she knew what to do when I was getting frustrated or anxious.  She was so funny and a lot of fun.  She is an incredible missionary and I miss her so much.  She really knew what it means to be a testifying missionary.  She worked hard, but she played just as hard.  This transfer will probably be one of my hardest.  
So…I'm sort-of down.  Our numbers weren't as high as we wanted them to be but we are still trying and working hard.  I'm sure things will get better soon.  
Love you all