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Sister Madelynn Moffat
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March 2

SO...we went to Ihop for breakfast this morning as a district... for my Birthday! (The Kaw Valley Sisters, the Holton elders, and the sherwood gang (elders and sister)
 I've been super sick (just super congested and so it affects my throat and ears). But mom... I've decided we should celebrate our parents on our birthdays! SO...happy birthday mom!! Thanks for bringing me into this world! and helping me survive to 20 years! And I'm sorry for my attitude some of those years :)

Thank you EVERYONE for the many birthday wishes!
Love and Miss you all!
Sis Moffat

February 23

HOLA FROM TOP CITY!!!! Topeka is an amazing place! 
Dad, numero uno... Do you know of any relatives of yours who would be in their 50's that served in Arizona?  Because my bishop, Bishop Hoyos, was taught by an Elder Moffat. So.. a potential connection! Yay
OK... so this week has been a week of miracles!!! 

MONDAY: Found out I was leaving Wichita. Sad day.
TUESDAY: Packed and said goodbye to everyone. Sad day
WEDNESDAY: Transfers.. said goodbye to Sister Herrin. Sad day. But I met sister Kuchin! Happy day! 
THURSDAY: We met one of our investigators on date, Shelby. Please pray for her.She is struggling to quit smoking, and understand why it is all important to her.  We can teach her about why, but until it really sinks in (that this is salvation) she won't progress. We also cover a YSA branch, well more like twig. We're trying to start a branch. But they have institute and so we get to go to institue! :) super fun! 
FRIDAY: I met a micronesian family:) Just like in Manhattan!!! The dad's name is Readson.  His aunt is 'grandma sehna'!!! A member in the Manhattan 2nd ward where I served for 6 months!!! I am trying to get permission to call her :)  Readson's two kids Simrik and Reanne are really wanting to be baptized,  but Readson wouldn't give his permission.  We made really great progress with him, by talking about what baptism is and why his kids want to be baptized.  At first he said when they are 18 and then he said maybe this summer. Yay progress! We also met a really nice less active member named Lydia. Pray for her and her migraines. She has to be put on a sedative to combat the migraines. But then she drinks two cups of coffee every morning, to counter act the sedative so she can stay awake long enough to get things done.  Please pray that they can figure out a way to help her migraines to where she doesn't feel like she has to break the word of wisdom to come to church. Oh!! and our Micronesian family, gave us Mara Maras!  They are these flower, head crown things and so great! In Micronesia they where them on sundays to church, so we do too! :) We get lots of "so what's with the hawaiian look?" haha! 
SATURDAY: One of our members is a huge genealogist and she wrote a book on black history in Topeka. She collaborated with another black historian/librarian and created an event called "CELEBRATING AFRICAN AMERICAN TOPEKA" and it was held in our chapel. 
There were two African American choirs from two catholic churches that sang. Ok.. i really really like gospel soul music now. So here's how it wen... Our stake president opened the event and we had an opening prayer and sang and opening hymn. The hymn was 'Faith of our Fathers', and I have never felt the spirit that strong singing a hymn in the chapel before! When we first walked in, there were tons of african American people, and lots of non members! Which was so awesome! So, the African American culture and community is known for their connection to hymns and music, and it was so cool!!!! Anyway, after the opening hymn, there was a presentation on the early history of blacks in Topeka. Then we heard from one of the Choirs. They sang a couple of songs... one was called Jesus is the way. There were some people, standing up and swaying with the music, not making a racket, just standing and agreeing...and giving their testimony to the song as well. It was so cool! The second song had a soloist, and during the solo part some of the members of the choir would give encouragement to the soloists like... "mmm you sing it boy!"… Seriously, so cool!! 
Then there was another presentation,  then another couple of songs by another choir titled, "Fix me Jesus" and "how great is our God". A really amazing spirit filled us all after both hymns. Actually, through all the performances I felt an incredible spirit. And there was clapping after each one!! Clapping in the chapel! well that felt different! So, clapping and humming through each part of the program :) Then there were some closing remarks by the stake president , who was clapping through the whole thing as well!!  :) Then there was one last song, that was suppose to be titled "Let the church say amen", but they changed it last minute to "Lord help me keep my yes!", and wow that was a powerful song! Then there was a closing prayer by Reverend something something something the 3rd. It was a nice prayer. Then refreshments afterward :)  Over-all an awesome night! 
SUNDAY: So we went to church and wore our mara maras! So did the bishop during ward council, and also before and after sacrament meeting :) YES! our bishop is really cool :) 
So this ward's council was probably the most productive/effective ward council that I've ever been to!! Wow this ward is awesome! Oh and mom, one of our members looks like you! So I have my mama here in topeka with me, which is really weird... because a little while ago I dreamed that you went on a mission and got called to Kansas and we served in the same ward! haha :)  sooo that's really cool. Anyway after church we went to visit the Ehpel family (the micronesian family), and the elders gave the mom, Melcie, a blessing (she's a member). The spirit was so strong! We bore testimony of the holy ghost and the gift of the holy ghost after baptism. 
And get this... Readson was there!!! We were able to talk to him about baptism, and how we can feel that warmth and peace after baptism all the time! We talked about his baptism as a little baby (because he's super catholic), and what his baptism has done for him. He said "Nothing... I was only 6 months old". So we had a really spirit filled lesson on baptism, and then he promised that he and the kids would be baptized on March 28th!!! WAAAHOOO!!! We cried, and screamed, and sang songs in the car!!!!! 
MIRACLE!!!!!!! PRAY FOR THEM PLEASE!! There are a lot of things Readson has to go through to be baptized. BUT yeah!  That alone made the week amazing!!!

Sister Moffat
My new TOPEKA Family!

February 16

Aaaahh….I'm leaving Wichita!!! :'(
I have to say goodby to the best ward I have ever been in! Not only that, Sister herrin is leaving, too!! We call it a whitewash!! It's because we're not getting as many sister as we used to, so they're are having to close some sister areas  :(
We have to clean the whole apartment and take all of the sisters' things out, becasue we're being replaced by elders. We have to say goodbye to our wonderful members... like the Eppersons, the Balzers, the Burdicks, and Sister Pinkerton, and the Sinclairs. We don't really have favorites in the ward... we literally love every single family. Oh!! and Belinda and her husband and her granddaughter?!!! I have never been so unhappy and apprehensive about a transfer as this one. Topeka is scary!! and my area is tiny!!! Only like 2 square miles. 
OK...done with venting. I'll write a letter I promise.   We have to go clean and pack today so we can visit everybody tomorrow. But that's what I've learned about missionary work.  Helping other come CLOSER to Jesus Christ though his love. Sharing God's love for his children. It's the best thing in the world. I love it. More than anything else. I never want to come home. The Rolling Hills Ward has taught me that, to never ever want to go home. I truly want to be a missionary for ever and ever. Not a member missionary, but a full time badge wearing sister!!  :)  I love my mission!  I love Kansas. Kansas is the best state in the universe!!!!!
OK. I'll write you in Topeka. I know it's where the Lord needs me, it's just really hard to leave behind so many people that I love. Topeka... you better be great! 

Sis Moffat
Sad to say goodbye to my wonderful friend and companion!

Final Game night with the Eppersons

January 26

Hey All,
So...this last week was tough. I had a few moments of realization that I am not the strong person that I thought I was.  I'm a little unstable, emotionally, and a little broken. But I also had a moment of realization...that I don't need to be "normal" or without problems, to function and be someone who contributes. Dad, I remember a lecture you gave me on being a producer and not a consumer. (see I listened!) and lately I've been really down. Just feeling like I am not producing, not succeeding, not contributing. But I am realizing more and more every day that I am not alone in trying to work out my issues. Christ is there with me. We have a song that goes around in the mission called "Jesus is the 1". Jesus is truly the one who is working to do everything for our benefit. We can't overcome anything without the enabling power of the atonement.
I absolutely love serving in the Rolling Hills ward in the Wichita stake!! It's absolutely great! I love the members, they help out so much! We are fed so much, and they ask to go on team ups with us! They love missionary work!
Our bishop is really cool. Bishop Fleetwood AKA Judge Fleetwood. He's the chief judge of Wichita!
Our area is pretty big. It's pretty standard to have to drive like 6-7 miles from our apartment to an investigators house. We get on the freeway (which isn't a word here in Kansas, it's the interstate) to get to another part of the city! So crazy! Wichita is huge!
There are two stakes in this city and our ward has about 250 households.  The ward council is really awesome!! They help out a lot. They give us lists of less actives and non members to go visit. We go to ward council and we talk about who our investigators are, and how we're working with them. Then we ask the ward council what they think we should do, or who else could help fellowship them. It's great to all be working together!
As for our investigators, you can pray for Maxine and for Andrea. You can also pray for the elders'  investigator Lawrence. Lawrence is on parole and it's going to take some work to get him baptized.  Although, he's progressing pretty well and really wants to be baptized.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and prayers!
Starting MTC Night off right!
Sister Moffat
Me with SIster Herrin

February 9

So, I've only had three baptism, but I have made a commitment to baptize 3 more! I need to work hard at following the spirit but I know the Lord will help me.
HAPPY VALENTINES ON SATURDAY!!! So the Utah weather has been crazy mild? YUP, that sounds like Kansas, and Idaho. Sister Herrin's family in Idaho is saying the same thing. It was like 72 here yesterday. It's a little foggy today, but it's still SUPER nice. I sort-of feel gipped. I wanted a really bitter Kansas winter. We never got it, and now I have to survive another blistering summer. Ugh. I am not very happy about that. The summer in Kansas is not pleasant at all.
Mom, tell the kids not to worry about their friend drama. Now I have cooler friends called sisters and elders! They are the best friends I've ever made! They will have companions on their mission in just a few short years, that will be life long friends! Well, maybe not all of them, but with each stage of life, comes a new set of people... a new sphere of influence and new spheres that influence you. 
We have a beehive in our ward who is really really struggling with depression and anxiety. Her family is not supportive, or encouraging. Her half sister pushes her away, and won't let anyone near her. There's a lot more to the story, but she is really connected to the church spiritually. The church has become her net, her safe place. We got permission to take her out on team ups to show her that she can be good at something important. We are trying to help her find her niche. I think the church helps us all find this for ourselves.  
So,  finally got pictures put up on my wall of the family and it made me realize how much I am missing.  Everyone is growing up so fast! But don't worry.  I love being a missionary!
Much Love,
Sister Moffat

February 2

So, this week was a week of miracles!!!
For one, I am feeling better!! Wahoo it's so nice to be (almost) back to normal!!
For two, we had a great week!!! We had an incredible training given by the AP's about miracles and always teaching people everywhere we are. We also had interviews…and I'm sorry everybody, but WE HAVE THE BEST MISSION PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD!!! I love him so much! He has helped me through so many things! Anyway… those were all miracles...  and then we had HUGE break throughs with three separate less actives.  Then we got to see Belinda, and she asked about our "blessed clothing"... uh.. GULP! But once we told her she said, "Oh, my goodness... thats the most beautiful, sacred thing I've ever heard!"
Then she cried a little bit when she asked why people make fun and deface the things we hold so sacred. We told her it was the adversary. She was really nervous about going to the temple, but when we told her that wouldn't be for about a year she was like "oh whew!…Then I still got some time to learn".  She didn't feel worthy to go inside the temple until she knew more.  She's seriously awesome!  And then we went over lesson 3 'Gospel of Jesus Christ' (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end) and talked about how these are the important things, and that things like the offices of the priesthood are just details.  Then she understood.   She is working toward getting her temple recommend and doing baptism for the dead on February 20th!! It was SUCH a spiritual lesson!!
So guess what else? We got a full time car! One of the elders hurt his knee and they took a car from other elders on the other side of Wichita for them. So since we don't have anyone to share with, we get a full time car!! MIRACLE. not for Elder Jones and his knee, or the other missionaries who now don't have a full time car, but for US. hahaha YAY cars!
Then on Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting.  We had a less active member come who I've never seen come to church, in the three months I've been here! WOOOOHOOO!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! I'm really afraid to come home because I won't know what to do. I won't have a clear purpose that I recite every morning. I won't have district leaders and zone leaders checking up with me daily helping me to improve. Talk about ID crisis! I'm a little frightened.
Anyway, I'm doing 100% better! Thanks for all you do to support me! Have a great week and I promise i'll be better at weekly updates.
Sister Moffat

Dinner and FUN with the Eppersons

January 19

HEY Everyone!

So it's been rough this past week, but this week was also so full of miracles!!
MONDAY: p-day
TUESDAY: We contacted a lot of former investigators. Not much success... except we met a lady named Andrea, and she seems great!! We're planning on meeting with her this week!!! yay!
WEDNESDAY: We did some more searching, and got chewed out by a referral. Haha! Good times.
THURSDAY: We jogged across a small park to talk to this lady. She was solid! We gave her a book of Mormon, and inivited her whole family to be baptized on the 31st of January! And she excepted! so cool!!!
FRIDAY: We got a call from our "miracle lady from the park" Karyn. Sadly, she said she didn't know we were Mormons and she was no longer interested. Oh well... We'll put her in the area book and sisters will go visit her later down the road. It just wasn't the right time for her.
SATURDAY: We had a great team up with one of our members, and we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Belinda and Mariah. And then, guess what?! BILL READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! So cool!! this whole family will be baptized one day, I can feel it!
SUNDAY: We had so many people at church!! yay!!! Great week!!!!
love ya!
Sister Moffat
Sister Herrin and I at "Spangles"…a Wichita classic!

January 5, 2105

HEY Y'ALL!!!!!
 Belinda is the greatest! She is the most amazing convert of my life!! A true life-long friend!
Enough said!

-Sis Moffat
Me, with Belinda and Sister Herrin!

December 29


So this week was interesting. Super surreal to talk to my family on Christmas. Like what the?!…

Anyway, we had a baptism scheduled on Christmas Eve, and then it was moved to Saturday the 27th, and then  it was moved to Sunday the 28th, and then there was a miscommunication on the time... so Belinda will be baptized on Wednesday the 31st! Whew! But Happy new year! It will happen!!…even if I have to drag her and her family to the church! She needs (with a capital N!) the blessings of baptism in her life, and she is soooooo ready for them! She tells us all the time with a choked up voice and a tears in her eyes, how excited she is to be a part of this church. She wants so bad "to be a Mormon". She loves to read to read the Book of Mormon so we gave her a quad this past week, and she loves it!!!  
So here's another crazy story, we were contacting all these former investigators, and we sent this one guy a text.   He called us back to tell us he wants to meet with us again, but that he's visiting family in mexico. So, he asked us to call hime next week! Nobody ever does that!!  yay! 
Yhis week wasn't our best number week, but it was a spiritual renewal for both Sister Herrin and I. I got a blog post from Gram titled 'Drops of awesome'. If you have never heard of it...look it up, be enlightened and motivated to do good! OK!  "small and simple. tiny drops. go forth. be awesome!!"

Love you all, 
Sister Moffat

December 22

Hello! Merry Christmas!
It's snowing in alpine?! It snowed here in Wichita a few days ago, but it's all melted. Wah wah wah... no white Christmas for us :(   
So we have a lady in our ward who I absolutely adore.  There isn't much I can do to re-pay her for all the things she and her husband have done for us. They are some of the most charitable people I've ever met. Yesterday, after sacrament meeting,  I talked with her and told her how grateful we were for her.   Then after church during lunch, my companion and I were both were feeling a little down. Our numbers were low and we felt as though we didn't make much of a difference in people's lives. Just then we got a text from this sweet sweet sister, telling us how she had been down in the dumps lately.  She told us that she always loves seeing our smiling faces, and how we brighter her Sundays. She then told us that she would love to have us for dinner and quoted Joshua 1:9. I bawled a little. This wonderful woman doesn't know how much I needed that. I am so so grateful that I get to be a missionary and have wonderful people around me to remind me that I make a difference in their lives. How ever small... I still make one. 
Thank you all so much for the love and support!
         -sister maddie moffat
MERRY CHRISTMAS! From Rolling Hills!

SKYPING with Sister Moffat!

December 15

I love love LOVE Christmas!
So, this is me and my sweet compy! We are basically the same person. We have the exact same thought process, same strengths, same weaknesses…..and believe it or not…the exact same eye glass prescription (just reversed).  We make a great team that is sorta one…its another learning experience is all :)
But sorry I haven't been very good at writing lately.  I'm just a little overwhelmed with my new area is all. It is very different  from manhattan. Wichita is sort of ghetto! For example,  I could go anywhere in Manhattan and feel safe. But here in Wichita, there are some places in our area that are super sketchy. One of our members was like "Yeah, car thefts are real big in this part of town" ...….yikes. Wichita's crime rate is a little higher than I'd like.... but it also has some INCREDIBLY humbly people. WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR WHO HAS QUIT SMOKING SO SHE CAN BE BAPTIZED ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! yeeeeeesssssss!! I'll send ya'll pics.
Our ward is great! Bishop Fleetwood is so fantastic, and our ward mission leader is stellar, Brother Sinclair. The relief society president, Sister Austin, is amazing as well!! I love this area!!
It's HUGE and really overwhelming.. but really really prepared!! Love it!!!
So a member got us a 4 foot Christmas tree. We have presents under the tree already and we are starting to play Christmas music in the car all the time. We also have been baking cookies and getting gifts for our members. 
OK. Over and out!
Sister Moffat

PS. The plaid thing you sent…is it a blanket or a scarf? Because I'm using it as a scarf right now.  Its fantastic! Thanks! It really lifted my spirits.

December 8

Hello all,
This week was kinda hard. We got sick at the beginning of the week with a cold a cough,  so we had to stay in. We were sick and tired...of being sick and tired! So we didn't work as hard as we could have. We've both been a little down. So ya, prayers of encouragement would be great. We need them.
Oh! One good thing that happened this week was the 1st annual Wichita Nativity. SO AWESOME!! If our stake back home didn't have the huge live nativity... I would've  suggest doing this. It was incredible!! I was really really impressed with it all!
The church was open to the public Friday night and all day Saturday for a nativity exhibit. They had nearly 300 nativities from all over the word set up in the gym.  Then a children's exhibit in the primary room, with little nativities that they could set up and play with. They also had a costume corner and a little nativity scene that they could dress up and take pictures at. The church was decorated beautifully, with trees and lights and ornaments everywhere. The tables,too,  that the nativity displays were put on, were decorated very nicely. They had a huge painted Bethlehem scene that was hung on the stage curtain, plus live musical performances that played in the chapel. Then, of course, there were tons of chocolate chip cookies and refreshments.  Books of Mormon, pass-along card, and joy to the word dvd's were at all the entrances and exits. This was a huge event and well planned! We had a lot of non members come and really really enjoy themselves! I saw tons of people walk out with copies of the Book of Mormon and DVD's!! This was a wonderful Christ centered celebration that really put Christ back into Christmas!! So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!
Remember that CHRIST is the reason for the season and go watch HE IS THE GIFT on

Sister Moffat
Making gingerbread houses!!

December 1

So Wichita is SUPER COLD!!!!  It's like 100X windier, and like 100X colder!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!
Sorry so short! Everything is going great! 
Love you all,
Sis Moffat
I needed a warmer jacket to layer under my coat!

November 24

So guess what?! I'M MOVING TOMORROW! I'm going to Wichita!! Yay Rolling Hills area!! companion is Sister HERRIN!!  AAAAAAAAAH! SO SO EXCITED!!  Now I have to go say goodbye to like EVERYBODY!  Sister Brusch, Elder Kartchner, Elder Rose and Elder Hendrickson, Christina, Donovan,the Murphys, the McMillers, Oh my gosh I'm going to cry….Crying already!
Well, I haven't got a lot of time today, but I do want to say that this last week was really awesome! The last week in Manhattan was a good one :) We hit almost all of our goals and we talked to a lot of people.  We have two people on date now! They are set for the 6th and 13th of December! Sister Brusch will do a great job helping them enter the waters of baptism!
As hard as it is to leave my home away from home , sweet sweet Manhattan, I know that there are people in Wichita who need me. Goodbye Manhattan, Hooray for Sister Herrin!!

Have a  Happy Thanksgiving! Happy birthday Thomas!!
 I really love you all more that you know!!!
SIster Brusch and I…and a member's dog.
Sister Moffat
ALTA and SNOWBIRD? haha! What?!

First SNOW!!


November 17

Hola from the mission!
So, we had our first snow this week and it's FREEZING here in Kansas. It's so windy, that it seems impossible to stay warm. Lovely.
What are everyone's plans for thanksgiving? The Rowley's are going to have the sisters over on that day, but I really don't know if i'll be here. We find out next week.... I don't like transfers! You have to say goodbye to someone every six weeks...sometimes sooner  :/ 
Oh, Elder Kartchner, Elder MacIntire, and Sister Brusch say hello. They're sitting here with me in the library.
So, I have no money since we had our district leaders birthday (Elder Kartchner) a few weeks ago.   I spent a lot of money on the BBQ ribs I made everyone. Oops. But they were worth it. They turned out really good!
Sorry for the short note. I love you lots, and I pray for you everyday!
Sister Moffat
Making Ribs for Elder Kartchner's Birthday…So GOOD!

November 10

So we found out Sister Brusch has tendonitis in her shoulder. She needs to go to physical therapy twice a week for three weeks. It's gonna be hard this week, as we are without the car....
Sister Phadnis is doing great! She's loving Concordia! But we're doing great as well!
The Riding family is doing a little better. I still haven't seen them at church lately :( It's hard to see someone go through a loss and not know how to help them. We are planning on taking cookies over to them this week. I wish we could babysit her kids for her (mission rules). But continue to pray for them.
Tell Lu thanks for the paintings! They were awesome.  It's hard to find time to paint, or I would send her some pictures in return. Tell her I'll try.
So uh how come nobody told me my little brother turned into a stud?! Tell him I'm proud of him.  And when did his braces come off? 
Oh PS….I have found that breaking class mirrors over a dumpster is a great way to alleviate stress! (haha! for service ) Does Utah have a habitat for humanity restore? If so you should volunteer! it's a blast! (That's where we broke chipped mirrors over the dumpster!) 

Anyway, I'll write an update later! Love you all
Sister Moffat
Freezing Day!! Grateful we go hot Cocoa from a member!
(Notice the JACK BLACK photo-bomb! Ha!)