Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7

Saw lots and lots of miracles this week:)
It was crazy busy with Mission leadership council and zone training.
But we met this really awesome family! We have an appointment with
them this week:) They are going to be baptized!:)

 Missions are the best!! And can bless the rest of our
lives!! And the eternities!! I am so excited to take trips back to Kansas
and see all the beautiful people here! I might be biased but I think
Kansas is pretty near translation. Well....the members are. There is
still some work to be done.
Missions are the best thing ever. Grandpa jay told me (when we
went out to lunch before I left) that he believes the best things any
young person can do is go on a mission or join the military. I believe
that. Discipline, accountability, doing things that are bigger, and
better, and beyond yourself ....and loving people more than yourself. On a
mission you get to be aquatinted with the "best gift this world has
ever known" (quote from elder holland) our savior Jesus Christ.

August 31

Hey everyone!!:)
This week was such a blur!
We worked with Shirley a lot this week and she got baptized!:)
Took a pretty great selfie!:) hahah but everything worked out well this week. 
Went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters. I went to the branch and
Sister Houston stayed in Maize. 2 down 2 to go:) it's so fun to work
with so many great sisters! this next week is going to be crazy....

August 24

Monday: Well we had a super chill p-day:)
Tuesday: Doctors office visit....again. Sister marcum had a test on
her intestine done and she had to drink this nasty chalk water that
was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I know. I tasted it!
Wednesday: Weekly planning... I hate it. A necessary evil. Sister
marcum agrees. But we got to see Flor:) She is so awesome!
Thursday: Interviews! Got to talked to President Bell one on one:) I love mama and
President Bell:) They are my mama and papa in Kansas:) I have lots of
family here in Kansas. I was practically born and raised in Kansas:) It was a good
but also terrible day. Mama Bell told us that sister Marcum would be
going home on medical release:( I was so upset I threw myself on the
ground and pouted for a few second.... because I'm five. ;)
Friday: Pouted and did missionary work... and pouted again. We also did
exchanges! I got to bring sister Wadsworth up to Maize, while sister
Marcum and Rosell went to Derby:) Lots of fun!!:) exchanges are the
best!! We get to do another one next week:)
Saturday: I got permission from President to go to the temple to see
the McMiller family from Manhattan, who I got very close with (I want
to kidnap their children. The McMiller family was sealed together for time as all
eternity exactly 1 year from the day that their parents were baptized:)
It was an incredible experience that I will never ever forget!
Temples, and families.... It is the most
important thing in this world. It is why we are here! Don't let a day
go by without thanking Heavenly Father for and asking him to bless
your family! Remember that everything that the adversary does is to
destroy the family. Do everything you can to protect your family,
present and future!
Sunday: It was a great Sunday. We talked about the righteous and good
use of media and habits that we can have in our lives that will help.
Being on a screen truly honestly makes you less sensitive to the
spirit!!! I testify of that.
Have a great week everyone and know how much I love you and love the savior!!

August 17

Hey hey y'all!!! This week was so short but so long! So many wonderful
things happened
MONDAY: P-day we had a stakes-day in Derby:) Locally known as
dunk-town. Cuz' we be dunkin' all the gators. We (sister Marcum and I)
aren't in Derby... but we are over the sisters who are. So we get the
perks of two zones of missionaries:) It's pretty great:)
So after the great P-day we got to see one of our YSA investigators
Amaris:) She's really cool. She had a question about priesthood
authority, and she looked so concerned that she had no idea that it was
taken from the earth. She was like "What?! Why?! When did it come
back?!" It was really cool to see someone who understands the
importance of God's power on the earth.
And then sister Bell invited us to go to a welcome back meeting for
none other than SISTER FURNER!! She's back and better than ever
before!!! She is doing so so so great! Thank you so much to those of
you who prayed for her:)
TUESDAY: We had a big meeting with all the stls and zone leaders, ap's
and president, called MLC mission leadership council. It ran from
9-4:30. We discussed the things that we are doing well at, and the
things we need to work on as a mission. Also, what one zone does really well
at, and how and what we could do to be really good at it too. It was
quite revelatory. We also prayed and counseled, and discussed our
mission goal for baptisms in the month of August. It was really a very
reverent but also fervent debate and council. It was really
cool:) we set our mission's goal for 50 baptisms in the month August.
We are half way there with 25:)
Wednesday: We went to the doctors. So I realized I've gone to the
doctor every transfer of my mission. Sometimes for me, most of the
time for my companions.......so apparently the Lord is preparing me
for something...... But anyway. Please pray for Sister Marcum! She'll
be back to full health in no time, but a little prayer doesn't hurt
We has a church tour with our investigator Flor. She is so amazing!
She recognizes the influence of the spirit in her life better than a
lot of people including lots of active members.... She recognizes the
peace and the growth that it brings. She recognizes and understands
when the spirit leaves her. And she hates it when it does. She feels
"so incredibly sad". She loves loves loves when the spirit "surrounds
her during our lessons:) She is amazing!!!!! Everyone be like Flor!
Because she's trying to be like Jesus!:)
THURSDAY: We had lots and lots of preparing to do for zone training.
And we met this super cool girl named HEAVEN. She is really cool:)
She says she doesn't believe in God but she has lots of questions
about him. And she's a little angry. But we helped her get to a point
where she wants to pray and ask God all the questions she has. She
reminds me a lot of myself. Wait that sounded bad. Yes I do  believe
in God. Her very logical, detailed, oriented thought process and very
factual way of explaining things reminds.. me of me. And some of her
questions are familiar as well. She's really awesome:)
FRIDAY: Zone training. We have two zone trainings to go to and they
told us to have them at the same time, so we had to split. I stayed in
Wichita and sister Marcum went to Derby.
Our zone training was a mess, three leaders were there and two of us are

brand new to being leaders. It'll be better next time. Oh
well. The spirit was there and we did our best.
We did "real-plays" we dressed up as recent converts and less actives
and investigators and had the missionaries in our zone teach us:) it
was fun:)
Saturday: We found out on of our investigators on date had a margarita
that afternoon. So we have to push her date back a week:(
Sunday: We cover two wards and they meet at the same time so we have
to split sometimes. So I got to go the YSA ward and they meet in the
same building as one of my precious wards the rolling hills ward:)
They meet right after the YSA does and so I got to see Belinda
Besinski:) Love love her! She's doing so great! She even brought her grand
daughter to church:)
It was such a great week!!!!
Love y'all so much!!

Belinda and her grand-daughter

August 10

Hey Mama!!!
So life as an STL is really busy. Like I have no idea how, but we
totally hit standard... even though we had meetings upon meeting to go
to. Let me screen shot you our week. All the red things are meetings....

August 3

So, this week was super super awesome!!!! 
We saw a ton of miracles!!!!!!! 
But all good things have to come to an end :( Sadly, it is transfer week... and after 6 short, beautiful, wonderful months in the great land of Topeka, I am being transferred to sister training leader in Wichita. I will have to give trainings... and go to long meetings... and have less time to do the precious work that has been given me to do. Sounds sort-of awful. I literally sobbed and sobbed for like and hour knowing that I had to leave Topeka. I am very nervous for the change that is coming. Mission leadership is a huge responsibility, and it is one that the Lord takes seriously. Unfortunately, I'm not the most responsible nor serious missionary/person around. 
But luckily for me, this great city of Topeka has taught me the power, importance, and daily relevance of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  These next three transfers and going to be ones filled with prayer, and all kinds of pleading with the Lord. 
Thanks for all the encouragement and love:) 
-sister Moffat

July 27

We had a great week this week!!!
Love y'all!

Gift Cards my mom left me and my companion!

Thanks for lunch, mom!