Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7

Saw lots and lots of miracles this week:)
It was crazy busy with Mission leadership council and zone training.
But we met this really awesome family! We have an appointment with
them this week:) They are going to be baptized!:)

 Missions are the best!! And can bless the rest of our
lives!! And the eternities!! I am so excited to take trips back to Kansas
and see all the beautiful people here! I might be biased but I think
Kansas is pretty near translation. Well....the members are. There is
still some work to be done.
Missions are the best thing ever. Grandpa jay told me (when we
went out to lunch before I left) that he believes the best things any
young person can do is go on a mission or join the military. I believe
that. Discipline, accountability, doing things that are bigger, and
better, and beyond yourself ....and loving people more than yourself. On a
mission you get to be aquatinted with the "best gift this world has
ever known" (quote from elder holland) our savior Jesus Christ.

August 31

Hey everyone!!:)
This week was such a blur!
We worked with Shirley a lot this week and she got baptized!:)
Took a pretty great selfie!:) hahah but everything worked out well this week. 
Went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters. I went to the branch and
Sister Houston stayed in Maize. 2 down 2 to go:) it's so fun to work
with so many great sisters! this next week is going to be crazy....

August 24

Monday: Well we had a super chill p-day:)
Tuesday: Doctors office visit....again. Sister marcum had a test on
her intestine done and she had to drink this nasty chalk water that
was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I know. I tasted it!
Wednesday: Weekly planning... I hate it. A necessary evil. Sister
marcum agrees. But we got to see Flor:) She is so awesome!
Thursday: Interviews! Got to talked to President Bell one on one:) I love mama and
President Bell:) They are my mama and papa in Kansas:) I have lots of
family here in Kansas. I was practically born and raised in Kansas:) It was a good
but also terrible day. Mama Bell told us that sister Marcum would be
going home on medical release:( I was so upset I threw myself on the
ground and pouted for a few second.... because I'm five. ;)
Friday: Pouted and did missionary work... and pouted again. We also did
exchanges! I got to bring sister Wadsworth up to Maize, while sister
Marcum and Rosell went to Derby:) Lots of fun!!:) exchanges are the
best!! We get to do another one next week:)
Saturday: I got permission from President to go to the temple to see
the McMiller family from Manhattan, who I got very close with (I want
to kidnap their children. The McMiller family was sealed together for time as all
eternity exactly 1 year from the day that their parents were baptized:)
It was an incredible experience that I will never ever forget!
Temples, and families.... It is the most
important thing in this world. It is why we are here! Don't let a day
go by without thanking Heavenly Father for and asking him to bless
your family! Remember that everything that the adversary does is to
destroy the family. Do everything you can to protect your family,
present and future!
Sunday: It was a great Sunday. We talked about the righteous and good
use of media and habits that we can have in our lives that will help.
Being on a screen truly honestly makes you less sensitive to the
spirit!!! I testify of that.
Have a great week everyone and know how much I love you and love the savior!!

August 17

Hey hey y'all!!! This week was so short but so long! So many wonderful
things happened
MONDAY: P-day we had a stakes-day in Derby:) Locally known as
dunk-town. Cuz' we be dunkin' all the gators. We (sister Marcum and I)
aren't in Derby... but we are over the sisters who are. So we get the
perks of two zones of missionaries:) It's pretty great:)
So after the great P-day we got to see one of our YSA investigators
Amaris:) She's really cool. She had a question about priesthood
authority, and she looked so concerned that she had no idea that it was
taken from the earth. She was like "What?! Why?! When did it come
back?!" It was really cool to see someone who understands the
importance of God's power on the earth.
And then sister Bell invited us to go to a welcome back meeting for
none other than SISTER FURNER!! She's back and better than ever
before!!! She is doing so so so great! Thank you so much to those of
you who prayed for her:)
TUESDAY: We had a big meeting with all the stls and zone leaders, ap's
and president, called MLC mission leadership council. It ran from
9-4:30. We discussed the things that we are doing well at, and the
things we need to work on as a mission. Also, what one zone does really well
at, and how and what we could do to be really good at it too. It was
quite revelatory. We also prayed and counseled, and discussed our
mission goal for baptisms in the month of August. It was really a very
reverent but also fervent debate and council. It was really
cool:) we set our mission's goal for 50 baptisms in the month August.
We are half way there with 25:)
Wednesday: We went to the doctors. So I realized I've gone to the
doctor every transfer of my mission. Sometimes for me, most of the
time for my companions.......so apparently the Lord is preparing me
for something...... But anyway. Please pray for Sister Marcum! She'll
be back to full health in no time, but a little prayer doesn't hurt
We has a church tour with our investigator Flor. She is so amazing!
She recognizes the influence of the spirit in her life better than a
lot of people including lots of active members.... She recognizes the
peace and the growth that it brings. She recognizes and understands
when the spirit leaves her. And she hates it when it does. She feels
"so incredibly sad". She loves loves loves when the spirit "surrounds
her during our lessons:) She is amazing!!!!! Everyone be like Flor!
Because she's trying to be like Jesus!:)
THURSDAY: We had lots and lots of preparing to do for zone training.
And we met this super cool girl named HEAVEN. She is really cool:)
She says she doesn't believe in God but she has lots of questions
about him. And she's a little angry. But we helped her get to a point
where she wants to pray and ask God all the questions she has. She
reminds me a lot of myself. Wait that sounded bad. Yes I do  believe
in God. Her very logical, detailed, oriented thought process and very
factual way of explaining things reminds.. me of me. And some of her
questions are familiar as well. She's really awesome:)
FRIDAY: Zone training. We have two zone trainings to go to and they
told us to have them at the same time, so we had to split. I stayed in
Wichita and sister Marcum went to Derby.
Our zone training was a mess, three leaders were there and two of us are

brand new to being leaders. It'll be better next time. Oh
well. The spirit was there and we did our best.
We did "real-plays" we dressed up as recent converts and less actives
and investigators and had the missionaries in our zone teach us:) it
was fun:)
Saturday: We found out on of our investigators on date had a margarita
that afternoon. So we have to push her date back a week:(
Sunday: We cover two wards and they meet at the same time so we have
to split sometimes. So I got to go the YSA ward and they meet in the
same building as one of my precious wards the rolling hills ward:)
They meet right after the YSA does and so I got to see Belinda
Besinski:) Love love her! She's doing so great! She even brought her grand
daughter to church:)
It was such a great week!!!!
Love y'all so much!!

Belinda and her grand-daughter

August 10

Hey Mama!!!
So life as an STL is really busy. Like I have no idea how, but we
totally hit standard... even though we had meetings upon meeting to go
to. Let me screen shot you our week. All the red things are meetings....

August 3

So, this week was super super awesome!!!! 
We saw a ton of miracles!!!!!!! 
But all good things have to come to an end :( Sadly, it is transfer week... and after 6 short, beautiful, wonderful months in the great land of Topeka, I am being transferred to sister training leader in Wichita. I will have to give trainings... and go to long meetings... and have less time to do the precious work that has been given me to do. Sounds sort-of awful. I literally sobbed and sobbed for like and hour knowing that I had to leave Topeka. I am very nervous for the change that is coming. Mission leadership is a huge responsibility, and it is one that the Lord takes seriously. Unfortunately, I'm not the most responsible nor serious missionary/person around. 
But luckily for me, this great city of Topeka has taught me the power, importance, and daily relevance of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  These next three transfers and going to be ones filled with prayer, and all kinds of pleading with the Lord. 
Thanks for all the encouragement and love:) 
-sister Moffat

July 27

We had a great week this week!!!
Love y'all!

Gift Cards my mom left me and my companion!

Thanks for lunch, mom!

July 20

Haaallloooo everybody!!!
This week was really awesome!!!
MONDAY: We went to the capitol building and we went all the way to the
tip tippy top of the tallest building in Topeka!! I've done it before but
the wind was really really strong last week and it was really clear so
we got to see even more.  Then we had an awesome awesome FHE activity:)
haha! Perks of being in a YSA branch... human foos-ball.
TUESDAY: We had district meeting and then we went to go visit the
Thorntons. And then Sadie's older sister and younger brother moved back to
Topeka and her older sister Maranda wants to be baptized! :D
WEDNESDAY: Exchanges!!!!!! Also called divisions in some other
missions. Had sister Gomez come and stay with me in Topeka and sister
Clayton went to Lawrence with sister Gunderson. It was quite lovely. We
had a member come out with us for like four hours and we saw so many
miracles!!! Met Ellen who just had a family tragedy happen
and knew that her friend found peace in "the Mormon church". So she was
super super excited to see us on her porch:) Love member referrals
THURSDAY: Oh!!! So. I would like to applaud my mothers extreme
insanity and incredible obedience. Mother you are one in a million:)
So the story goes my mother (mother, if you wish to include this story
in my blog you are welcome to and you also have liberty to remove it)
was on her was to Arkansas with my aunt Christy and her children. Also
shout out to my awesome aunt!!! Christy you are one of the coolest
people I know!) Anyway, they stayed the night in Colby, which is in our
mission (ps if I were ever to go to a small town I would wish to go to
Colby) and they decided to see how far Topeka was out of their way, it
was only half an hour out of their way, so naturally they went. My
mother called and asked the mission office if she could see me. They
said no. I am amazed that my mother asked, and then that she obeyed.
Mother I'm quite sure I would have no idea what I would do with my
self if I saw you. Like run or just stand there in shock. I don't know
if I could have hugged you. Sorry I love you I really do, I just have
prepared myself not to see you for a very long while. So anyway, the
other side of he story is that we went on exchanges on Wednesday so we
did weekly planning on Thursday. We also were suppose to go do service
at door step (a place that homeless people can come and get clothes:)
We love going.  We we're going to go but they were getting new carpet
so we came home early like two hours early and got started on our
weekly planning:) Then we went about the rest of the day. We then went
over to a members house for dinner the Warths. So
ever since I came to Topeka sister Warth has been friends with my mom
because I told sister Warth that she looks like my mom. So she just
had to text her and be friends:) so sister Warth says "Hey I have
something to show you" and pulls open a picture of her and my mom
together at Sherwood lake. That day!! I freaked out!!! Hearing these
horror stories of missionaries who's parents surprise them with visits
and getting the missionaries in trouble and the missionary gets trunky
and doesn't work as well... and it just doesn't end well. So I braced for
my mother to jump out from somewhere and I was about to run or scream
or punch someone. Luckily for everyone involve my mother was already
on her way to Arkansas. Sister Warth continued to show me pictures of
my mother and other ward members who were at a lake party with the
warths. That was pretty cool!! My Topeka family and my Utah family in
one picture:) and then a picture of my mom in front of my apartment
door........say what now?!?.......... I asked sister Warth when my mom
was there, and we found out that my mother took that picture fifteen
minutes after my companion and I started our weekly planning session.
An hour and 45 minutes earlier than we normally would have been home!
So that's super weird/cool. My mom was like twenty feet away from me!
and I had no idea. Please appreciate her self control and obedience.
Anyway.... That happened.
FRIDAY: So hahah lots of funny stories:) about a week and a half
ago a DNC (do not contact) contacted us on the street asked us to come
over and and visit him. Because he is a single male and as a DNC we had
the elders contact him. The elders had no idea why he was in
our phone as a DNC, so Finally the elders texted him, and asked if
they could visit him, he said that he would love the missionaries to
come over and visit. He offered 10-15 dollars for the missionaries to
come over and be his lady friends..... Hahaha the elders told him they
were the male missionaries. He then said I can't talk to you I just
want lady friends. So sister Clayton and I just got offered 10-15
dollars to be "lady friends"..... Haha! well now we know why he was
a DNC.
We also got to see a super awesome Micronesian family, and their
daughter wants to go on a mission! And they told us that we could take her
out on team ups everyday:) holla!!
SATURDAY: Pretty standard day. No crazy stories. Saw crazy awesome
people just like normal:) Eeveryone in Topeka is pretty cool and has
really awesome life experiences. So everyone in Kansas loves to talk.
And my favorite thing ever is to collect stories. So I love going to
talk to random people everyday, because you never know who you are
going to meet and who has done what. You never know what kind of
stories people will tell. It's very normal to meet someone for the
first time and know everything about them including their birthday,
criminal record and health history. I really enjoy that people trust
us enough to with their stories.... But usually not enough to to let
us into their houses. Everyone just chills on their porch.
Sunday: Mission President's Devotional!!!! We had Mariann come!:) She
wants to serve a mission:) We are helping her to get there and prepare
for it:) Lots and lots of recent converts bore their testimony about
the church and we also found out that two of my recent converts in Kaw
valley (Kaw valley is still in Topeka. We just double covers it for a
while) are engaged!!! They have known each other for like a month.....
Talk about Mormon timing. At first I was nervous because it's two people
who are brand new to the church and who are still growing in their
testimony, and things could easily go south, but because they have
each other they are actually doing better:) They are progressing
faster and have set a day to be sealed in the temple. That day will in
a while, so I promised that I would be there:) Just ps mom and dad I
will be making several road trips back to Kansas to see people go
through the temple.
I love this gospel!! I love that the first thing Christ taught the
nephites in 3 nephi 11 was faith, repentance, baptism by water and
fire, and enduring to the end. 

I love y'all so much!!!!
-Sister Moffat
1. Kansas sunsets are the best. Y'all are jealous.
2. Sister Gomez is one of the most charming people around.

July 13

It rained a lot last week...and this week will be hot!!! Today there is a heat advisory with high a high of 98 and a heat index of 115.... Lovely.
These are Mikkie's really nice cigars that we bought off her. Yay for 
progress:) She's cut down a lot!! And she on date for sometime in August:)

 I'm going to have a baptism this week end!
 Love you!!!!

Me and Sister Clayton

June 29

Hey everyone!!!
So this week was awesome!! That's it

June 22

So this week was super interesting!!
MONDAY: We went to visit a referral from a member and she is the most solid person ever! She read the chapter we gave her and she actually filled out all the questions in the back of the plan of salvation pamphlet!! No way! She commited to quit smoking and she is on date for the 3rd of july!! Too bad our area is splitting.
TUESDAY: We had a dinner up in Meridian, like a half hour drive from Topeka. It was with a huge Polynesian family. It was super super good:) Then they all came to church:) even the less active-ish ones came.  We also acted out the Alma and Amulek story to them illustrating the principle of member missionaries:) It worked out great!
WEDNESDAY: We had a church tour with Jo:) She's awesome!  Then weekly planning that takes FOREVER!!!! Two areas= so much planning=all day inside=super bored and tired missionaries=cranky sister Moffat.
THURSDAY: We saw this super awesome mural in North Topeka. I'll send a picture later. So... um north Topeka=gun shots and the Po Po. Sketch. 
FRIDAY: Two funerals in one day? I think yeah. Both were members (sort-of). The first one was for a member but the whole family was super less active or super anti. It was held in the chapel but the whole room was FULL of tension. The spirit was super not there...
The next one was also for a member and her husband is a member but the rest This lady was baptized my first week in Topeka. She had some health problems and couldn't get baptized until March. Then just last week she passed away. It was sad, but there was so much peace! so much! the contrast between the first and the second were incredible!! (The first one had some really good ham and funeral potatoes though.)
SATURDAY: We took Jo to see a baptism:) It was awesome!She said she felt chills:) Awwww...love her!
SUNDAY: I got my training call!!!! I'M EXCEPTING A BABY GIRL!!!! Training! Finally!! And my trainee is a sister who wrote me a letter and emailed me back in march:) She read my blog and wrote me a letter asking for Kansas advice and stuff:) She made a joke saying "maybe you'll train me haha".  Whelp my baby has the spirit of prophecy:) I totally know what she looks like and everyone else has to wait until Wednesday haha!! 

love y'all so much!!!

Even in Topeka!! ......"And shout it out ReAL!!"

June 15

Weekly update
MONDAY: We had a killer FHE, we played whiffle ball:)
TUESDAY: WE GOT IPADS!!!!!! Pretty cool:) they are a ton load of fun:)
and super effective tools for the work of salvation
WEDNESDAY: Double exchanges!!!! We did two exchanges in one day!!! Wow
that was crazy. Two trips up to Lawrence and back again.
Can someone say like 150 miles in 1 day.... Yikes. Eh. 
THURSDAY: We did services at door step:) super cool place in Topeka:)
If there is one thing I've come to appreciate on my mission, it is the
smell of old clothes.
FRIDAY: We weeded one of our memo's gardens.
SATURDAY: We tried to find one of our less actives who is in a nursing
home. But the management went out of business, so they had to move
all their residences to different homes. We drove all of everywhere
to find this place, and ended up at what is called the foundation
house.  This places was sketch. It looked like an abandoned school
building. We walked in... and it did not smell like a nursing home. There
were like two old guys there and a bunch of empty rooms. One guy drove
up and we talked to him, and asked about our less active. He said he
wasn't there. So we left. And on the back of this old man's car were a
bunch of crazy symbols and picture that looked demonic.
So Sister Gelabert jumped into the car and said "we need to get out of
here". In the car she told us that that man was a member of a super
scary cult like church. Super sketch. #adventursofamissionary
SUNDAY: 5.5 hours of church. THE EHPLE FAMILY CAME!!!! Finally!!!!
It was a good week:)
Love y'all so much!!!
Sister Moffat

Sister Gelabert

Monday, September 7, 2015

June 8

MONDAY: WE HAD TACOS!!!!! I love tacos... since coming to kansas my appreciation for BBQ has remained the same.... but my appreciation for Mexican food, has greatly increased. 
TUESDAY: District meeting and a super long lesson with Ingrid. Pretty standard day. 
WEDNESDAY: Lamest day ever! Mostly stuck inside all day. Weekly planning for two areas....super lame!!! 
THURSDAY: Today was awesome!! We did lots of service, and we went on lots of splits, and we saw a ton load of miracles!!! Like... a TON! We helped one of our favorite home bound less actives (we have several)  move. And we got to have dinner with one of our recent converts! Listen to her conversion story: So she goes to Boot camp, and on sunday they have the option to go to a bunch of different churches.  There are a ton off base and everyone wants to get off base and so she goes to a baptist church. She thought she'd go with something familiar, but it was southern baptist. She was not raised southern baptist. It was anything but familiar, so the next week she thought she'd stay on base for reflection hour, and again it was not what she thought it would be, Everyone was gabbing and no one was reading and praying and reflecting. Then the next week one of her friends told her "YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE MORMON CHURCH! THEY GIVE OUT COOKIES!!" 
and in boot camp you don't get cookies. You get just enough time to scarf down the food they give you, until they tell you to stand up and get going. So... she went. For cookies. But while she was there she said she felt like coming home. Everything they said spoke to her soul and she just couldn't believe how everything there was exactly what she was needing and looking for in her life. And so after the lesson (I'm assuming it was gospel principles) she asked the man who taught it, "What do i have to do to become a member of this church?" and he asked "You want to be baptized?" and she said "If that's what it takes!" and so they gave her the baptismal interview and they baptized her!  :) Without knowing anything about anything! She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint... because she felt the spirit and knew that it was right. 
She is amazing!! 
FRIDAY: So everything was pretty standard, lots of awkward door approaches and awkward street contacts and so on. We get home for the night and it starts to POUR!! Hail and winds like no other. We had sever weather warnings and flash flood warning and everything! It was crazy! Then our ceiling started to leak!!! We are on the 2nd of 3 stories... would someone please tell me how  that happened?! And our sliding glass door is not sealed like it's suppose to be.. and it started to leak everywhere! It's too late to call our landlord, so I got on my rain coat and my boots and went out onto our balcony to see what could be done. By some small miracle it stopped. Not the rain, or the hail, or the wind, or lightning, or thundering (which was absolutely fantastic by the way) (some made me jump up out of my skin!) But the leaking! The profuse pouring of water from who knows where, stopped!!! NOW TELL ME THE LORD DOES NOT LOVE HIS CHILDREN, I DARE YOU! 
SATURDAY: There is this church in Topeka called to Westboro Baptist Church.... they are something else...God loves them. And across the street is the Equality House:) one of my favorite places inTopeka:) 
Anyway, we were taking pictures at the house and one of the owners came out and was so excited that we were taking pictures with house. He talked to us about where we were from and what we did as missionaries and such :) He was a nice guy. oh, and then we were on our way to go see our investigators and we saw them walking down the street. And they were walking really funny and we thought they were drunk, so we turned around and asked them what they were doing. They told us the CUTEST story about how they were reading the pamphlet and book of mormon together, and how they love that we came over:)  Oh phew... they were not drunk they were just doing stretches and just being silly:) But this was our investigator and her husband:) can anyone say wedding and a baptism in the near future? haha I think yes!!! 
SUNDAY: So it was an interesting sunday.... We had our investigator's two daughters who are on date come to church!!!! Yay! And one of them shaved half her head.... She's only 11. But she's so awesome!
Then in relief society the sister who was teaching gave a PROFOUND lesson on pornography and how to protect ourselves from it and a personal experiences from her brother and sister in law.   When she talked and explained how this can destroy lives, and what to do when this awful plague strikes....oh my gosh! Talk about amazing lesson! I've never enjoyed lessons on pornography, and I still don't.  But i was riveted by this one. It made the atonement just a little more real. I realized how much I need the atonement for the little things. Pornography is a big thing and is covered by the atonement, but the little things that we all need it for are just as covered. 
The atonement of Jesus Christ is so real! and it is so present in our lives. We need it so badly!!! Not just for serious things, but for everything!! for every tiny little thing!!!!!! Our Savior and Redeemer loves us! More than we will EVER understand! We can't be afraid of repentance. If there is one thing I've learned on my mission it's that repentance is a daily acceptance of reality, and your divine potential and heritage. It is a happy joyful experience and it can and should change your life, every day. I know my savior lives, and that He knows and loves all of us!!

June 1

Hey Y'all!!! 
So this week was crazy!! 
We're in a trio and it's like the craziest ever!! We cover two areas... and we still only have 24 hours in the day. (Lame!) We're getting work done but we spend most of our time driving. 
Anyway we're super super busy, and all that.

ELENA!!! She has so much faith! 
She got baptized without permission from her parents. She's 18 so she didn't need it. But they were not supportive at all.  She cried a little when they didn't come, but she knows it's true so she doesn't care. 
The Elders also had baptism.  Ray.... a 400 lb man. He's going through a huge transformation surgery this summer. When he comes out he'll be like 200 lbs! He's the sweetes man! And then on the day he was confirmed, he brought a friend and she's a new investigator! hooray!
It's going great up here in the T-O-P-C-I-T-Y!!! Love it!! 
-Sister Moffat

May 25

 I want to live out here and be a kingdom builder FOREVER!!

May 18

MONDAY: P-day and FHE 
TUESDAY: Well... we found out that Sister Furner is going home  :(   It was an emotional day. 
WEDNESDAY: More emotions.........saying goodbye to members and investigators
THURSDAY: More goodbyes and More tears
FRIDAY: My third time in 5 weeks, driving down to Wichita. It was sad. I bawled so much!!! Elder Myers one of our AP's talked to me, about not feeling like it was my fault, and feeling like I didn't do everything I could have done. It was good for me to hear. He was originally called to Argentina, but he went home for medical reasons, and was reassigned to the Kansas Wichita mission. He was kind-of emotional talking about how much my companion is going to need support and such.
Then we drove back and I hit a bird. 5 Baptisms and 1 death. 
SATURDAY:  I went on a solid team up with Allison Wilkes (one of my favorite members), to see Ingrid our investigator on date. We had a SOLID lesson on priesthood authority and prophets and baptisms :) so great. Then we met a referral from the kaw valley sisters and they are so awesome!!!!!! I am so excited to teach them:) 
SUNDAY: Stake conference!! So awesome! 
MONDAY: TRANSFERS!!.....But I'm staying! 

May 11

MONDAY: We had a Jedi, 'cinco de mayo' party! hahah so funny!! YSA FHE IS THE BEST!!! 
TUESDAY: So... we may have dine and dashed   :(    We went to a buffet with a less active family, and we just got up and left when they did. We didn't really think anything was wrong until we were planning and talking about the day... and thought about it ...and realized that they probably didn't pay.....#AWKWARD 
WEDNESDAY: OK can we just say that wednesday is literally adventure day! Just go back and look at all my Wednesdays they are always the biggest day of the week.   Just saying. Anyway... we drove to.....drum roll.....MISSOURI!!! Hahah we were told by Sister Bell to go talk to someone in Independence. So that was weird. And let me just say, MISSOURI HAS NO IDEA HOW TO SET ROADS UP!! It was ridiculous. 
Oh, also today we helped one of our investigators open her pool. That was fun. 
THURSDAY: We watched like a couple people trip and fall today.  So sad! We were in the car so we couldn't really stop and help them.... "so sorry!" "god loves you" 
FRIDAY: sick day
SATURDAY: ZONE TRAINING!!! wow! I just remembered a story! Haha! So we walked into a nursing home where we have a few people we study with there.  And we start talking to these Jehovah Witnesses that were there.  All of the sudden all the nurses start running around and yelling "back door! back door! back door!!!!!" and we were all like ".........um....ok" 
So we go about our business and then we see Bud, one of our favorite little old men, and he just has this smirk on his face. The first thing he says is "hi ladies, I escaped today!" hahah!!! We had to fight to hold back our laughter!! So... that happened 
SUNDAY: We had a few people at church. I got to talk to the family for mother's day. They made me really mad talking about how much time I have left.  NOT ENOUGH!!!
But I still love you guys. It was nice to talk to you

May 4

SO....Here Goes.....Literally the most adventurous week of my mission 
MONDAY: We watched 'Meet the Mormons' with our YSA for FHE. It was a pj night so everyone came in sweats and pj pants.....but one of the 'kaw valley sister's' investigators wore his prison pants. Like.... the actual pants he wore in prison.......in Topeka. 
TUESDAY: Zone powwow and District Meeting. Nothing too happenin'. Sister Furner was super sick so she stayed with a member. (Thank you sister Bidwell!) 
WEDNESDAY: So..... we got a call from Sister Bell. She wanted us to drive down to Wichita to go to the Wesley medical center down there. It's a super nice hospital (by kansas standards), and it is close to mission HQ.  That way, President and Sister Bell would keep and eye out for us and know what was going on. So we drove the 2 1/2 hours down  (ps I really don't mind road trips) (and I've gotten real good at driving long distances). So we get there and they immediately rushed us into the ER and got Sister Furner on and iv. Seriously,  within a half hour of us getting there! No 2 hour wait at this place! (unlike the ER we went to in Topeka. Yeah, that was a nightmare) They do an EKG and all these tests.. including a spinal tap! ah! But she couldn't really feel it due to the numbness. Phew! But also not phew. We got to the hospital at around 3, and we were admitted at like 9pm. One hour shorter than the entire ER stay in Topeka. Efficiency is something a hospital should not lack in. President and Sister Bell came to see us :) We had left all of our stuff in the car (we packed for like 4 days because we didn't know how long we'd be there) and my companion is on a gurney  hooked up to all this stuff, and so she can't walk me down. So the one person who volunteered to help me get the stuff out of the car is President Bell. So its just president and I, walking through this maze of a hospital trying to find our car. Talk about awkward!  Not awkward because President is intimidating at all, but it was just me and him.... not used to that at all. But Sister Bell brought me chick-fil-A for dinner:) She's the sweetest!
So we had nurses coming in and out every hour... all night long. And we were on hospital beds..... 
So that's how the night went.
THURSDAY: The day started off with breakfast and Sister Furner was able to keep that down!!!! yay!! They put her on the grand daddy of all nausea meds (it's amazing she says!) Anyway, it works wonders. Then they did an MRA and while they did that Sister bell took me to lunch to get some fresh air and get me out and walking. We went to chick-fil-a of course, and we talked a lot about different questions I had. She answered them and then some:) OK OK....let's just talk about how I  literally have the best mission president, and mission mom in the whole universe. No joke. So after we got back, Sister Furner got an EEG test, and a mono test and everything came back clear including spinal tap. So... nothing is majorly wrong. yay!! But we still have no idea what's going on. We saw the neurologist and he did a few tests and he took lots and lots of notes and left........uh... "so? what do you think is going on?" "please tell us!" 
And... so that was Thursday. Oh, and everyone in that hospital thinks we're nuns. We tried to explain but they were not believing it.  Haha....we're nuns.
FRIDAY: The doctor came in and told us that because everything came back clear she could be released!!!!! yay!!!!!!! That was around lunch time. The neurologist wasn't going to get back to us until later, so we packed up. And as soon as they took her off the IV we were outta there! We spent the night at the STL's apartment in Wichita. We need some good sleep for a big day tomorrow!
and President Christensen and Elder Deshler. 
THREE HOURS!! of spiritual revelation. It was so AMAZING!!!  And we got a picture of all the missionaries (except the Emporia sisters.... they missed the bus ...oops) 
So yeah it was a great day:) and then a 2.5 hour drive back to Topeka! It was so amazing to spend the night in our own beds though!! Truly lovely. 
SUNDAY: Super fun day......although, none of our investigators came to church. They probably think we forgot about them.... or they forgot about us.... either one. 
And then today (to tie in the prison pants from above)... we found out one of the shawnee recent converts is going to jail.  He's one of our YSAs.  He says its on false charges and that he will only be there for a short time, but he's suppose to go through the temple in july........
so that was the week...... 

Thanks everyone for all the prayers in Sister Furner's behalf. She says it's weird, but she can totally feel them.
I'm praying for blessing to be upon your heads:) 
love y'all so much!!! 
Sister Moffat

Sister Furner in the Topeka ER

Sister Furner and I in the hospital in Wichita