Friday, August 15, 2014

August 11

MONDAY: We went bowling again.  I think I bowled  a 205 this time! Yes, way better! We had a great lesson with Kyashia and we got her back on date for August  29th. YAY!
TUESDAY: We had a great district meeting and the Wamego elders brought sushi for everyone in our district, yummy!! We tracted for an hour and a half, and we only had a handful of doors open, so no new investigators :( We also had apartment inspections. We just moved in so we kind of scrambled to get a couple last minute things organized. Then we had a meeting with one of our investigators fall though, and we haven't been able to get in contact with them yet:(
WEDNESDAY: We had weekly planning so we didn't get out of the apartment until later. We tracted a bunch again…but no new investigators :( We had dinner at a members home and they fed us pizza and they gave us all the leftovers. Um… yeah. This is why I'm gaining weight. Good thing one of our members gave us a Jillian Michael's video that we can work out with! haha!  (don't worry... work out videos are approved)
THURSDAY: More tracting and no new investigators. We had an awesome lesson with Kia and Lagina (who are living in Manhattan again. Yay!)
FRIDAY: ZONE TRAINING -- We had our ward mission leader come speak. Not about member missionary work, but about depression.  How to deal with and understand depression as a missionary. It was amazing! We also had a fabulous lesson with Natasha and challenged her to pray about being baptized on the 16th of August. YES! PROGRESS!
SATURDAY: Tracted forever…but we finally got 1 new investigator!
SUNDAY: Kyashia was in church! And so was Natasha! I love it when investigators come to church!
Sorry so short! Next week's will be longer.
Sister Moffat
Celebrating Elder Lee's Birthday at the Rowley's
Little Lady Rowley, Sister Moffat, Sister Judy

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