Friday, August 15, 2014


Hey Y'all!
This week has been so great! Thank you for all the prayers and love. I can really feel it way out here in Kansas!
So last Monday I got a nasty chigger bite on my ankle and  so now I have a nasty scab.
Anyway lets start at the beginning: Saturday our district leader was emergency transferred because an elder went home early. So we have a new district leader and his name is Elder Kartchner. He's pretty cool! I really like the way he leads our district meetings.
On Monday we went to do laundry at a family in our ward's house. She's the sweetest and makes us breakfast! Their family reminds me Steve and Jen Moffat's family ( they have 8 kids).
Tuesday- Woohoo! First day of July! Our mission is one  year old today!  Our district is doing really well and we're all finding people and seeing miracles. We went to a pizza shop for lunch. Yay pizza again! After luch we went and visited one of our new investigators, Lisa. She's the daughter of one of our recent converts, the Murphys.
Wednesday- I woke up tired and after eating breakfast ...and was still tired.  I couldn't get warm and was falling asleep during studies, so I knew something was up. I called Sister Chumly (she's our mission doctor) and she said to go in early and get lots of rest. We went in early around 6:45 and I was out cold until 8 the next morning. I was a still a little fevery the next morning, but now I'm great!
Thursday- We tried some less actives but nothing successful. We had a sort of bummer day. just nothing worked out well.
Friday- Fourth of July!! whoopee! Too bad we have to be in at 9 before it even starts to get dark. No fireworks either, and our apartment faces a bunch of rock so we couldn't watch them inside. But we had a great day! We went to a bbq at the bishop's house and we met all his family. All were members so not a lot of missionary opportunities. Then we went to a Kia and Lagina's house and Kia was really confused why we had to work on holidays and she prayed, "Lord, if it be at all possible that these girls don't have to work on holidays, please go to the prophet and tell him."  Haha! We love her.
Saturday- Two of our investigators were suppose to be baptized today but we had to push back to the end of July and the middle of August. We had a couple of girls from the ward come with us to Kia and Lagina's house. It was a great lesson! Kia loved that the girls were learning how to be missionaries and that they wanted to go on missions.  The girls loved baby Zion, and they gave their numbers to Kia so that they could babysit for her. Super awesome testimonies were shared by both the girls in sacrament meeting the next day. Plus Lagina came to church! It was an awesome Sunday!

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