Friday, August 15, 2014

July 28

Weekly Update-
Monday: We went bowling for p-day. I bowled pretty good for a couple rounds but then I wasn't focused (I was writing letters in between turns) and did pretty bad. I think I bowled 120 for both games. Like... combined. Yeah, pathetic!
Tuesday: It was super hot! About 104 without heat index (with heat index about 115!!!) We rode bikes and Sister Judy got a flat tire. We walked to our next appointment and then the elders helped us fix her flat.  Then we rode to Donovan's house, but they weren't home for some reason. Sister Judy and I thought we were going to pass out, because of the heat. It was really hot. 
Wednesday: We had weekly planning, in which we planned for a baptism. There is a lot of drama with Donovan's family. It seemed like everywhere we turned there was brick wall blocking us from getting this little boy baptized. The adversary was working hard against us. Obviously heavenly father has a plan for Donovan.
Thursday: Super hot again!! We rode bikes again, and sister Judy's tire seized up. Not sure what happened. Luckily the elders were close and could come pick up our bikes. There was more drama with the baptism, but we finally got everything figured out and everything is back on schedule.
Friday: REALLY HOT! 106 without heat index 118 with heat index! What in the world, Kansas?!  But we got rides almost everywhere (plus we got to ride in an AUDI!! One of our member took us out to dinner in her super nice car! haha) 
Saturday: The baptism! It was awesome! And then we went to a pool party! We had a lot of non member families come and the turn out for Donovan's baptism! His family is all pretty much less active, coming back to activity... all because he wanted to be baptized! They were so supportive! There was so much love in one room! It was an incredible baptism! Oh and Donovan's mom's boyfriend was there.  He's a non member and the ZL started teaching him earlier that morning! What?! MIRACLES ALL DAY LONG!!
Sunday: We had only one investigator at church, but at least there was one!  We had a really yummy dinner with a part member family:) It was a great day!

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