Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 20

I absolutely adore my two new companions Trios are the best ever! We get along so well, and I can already see the work starting to progress! Now that Sister Phadnis, Sister Brusch and I are united in the work, it's going so much smoother and we found 4 new investigators this last week! Crazy how comp unity can change everything!

MONDAY: We had a great p-day lunch. A member from Wamego came all the way to manhattan to feed us...drum roll please...DEEP FRIED BURRITOS! Oh my goodness they were so good! They were stuffed with beef and cheese, and probably the most unhealthy thing I've ever eaten. 
TUESDAY: We went and visited a few less actives and packed and packed... and cleaned and packed.
WEDNESDAY: I drove all the way down to Wichita and back! And I am very happy to report that no one was injured. I almost hit a tire that was just chillin in the road though. Transfers were so awesome! Sister Judy was suppose to be up in Wichita from dodge, since her companion was going home.   But  there wasn't room for her in the van, so she had to stay. Such a bummer! She's my pretend "mom",  and her pretend "mom" is Sister Christiansen.  Sister Christiansen is going home and so we could have taken a three generational picture! But Sister Christensen and I took a picture and sent it to her. My camera just died so you all have to wait till next week for pictures. sorry.
 Sister Brusch and Sister Phadnis are super great! We had a bit of a fiasco trying to get a third bed into our apartment.... but it happened. Such a ghetto apartment. Super small for two people... and now we have three. Partay!
THURSDAY: Yes, I still love my companions! We went and visited a ton of member and introduced the sisters to the ward. Lots and lots of fun! We walked a ton and my feet hurt.
FRIDAY: We visited some more members and we tracted some.  We visited a Nepalese family and made them new investigators! Woot Woot!! 3 new investigators! Makund, Divi, Babpoo, and Mietri. They are so cool! Their house always smells like Kohinoor! (that Indian restaurant on state street in Orem). Sister Phadnis is part Indian and her dad was raised Hindu. She has a lot in common with them and it was perfect that she came to Manhattan. We have another investigator who is Hindu and a member who is part Indian. Perfect! No such thing as coincidence! The lord has a plan for EVERYTHING!
SATURDAY: We had a lot of appointments! Yay! I love sitting on couches! We did some service and we found a new investigator! that makes 4! (We had a total of three for the ENTIRE transfer last transfer…. so only 3 investigators for 6 weeks.)  I now have a  FIRM testimony of comp unity. Last transfer was a struggle but we now we have some unity and are already seeing so many miracles! If there is anyone who just drives you nuts... work it! Your life will be some much better without any contention! Make sure your relationships are where they need to be  and you will feel so much more joy in your life. I promise!
SUNDAY: We had a great idea to do a MMTC…. (MEMBER MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER) for like 3 hours on the last week of November. We are going to have people come and we are going to give them tags and missions calls, and then put them in classes on how to be member missionaries and how to do missionary work. We'll do some roll plays of differnet situations with investigators and such. The missionaries are going to be the teachers and then investigators just like in the MTC. Then we'll  give everyone m&ms because "Member Missionaries". Its going to be so much fun! I can't wait! I'll take pictures and videos of it and send them home next month.
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and miss you so much!
-Sister Moffat

PS. Mom, could you send me a home made mac and cheese recipe in the mail? I have to make mac and cheese for our ward fall festival and for a baby funeral in our ward. So so sad. The Riding family in our ward just lost their baby. She had him at 27 weeks and he was doing good, but went down hill really fast. He past away a couple of days ago. Their four other children didn't even get to see him because the NICU is on lock down. If you would pray for them I am sure they would appreciate it.

Manhattan is BEAUTIFUL!
Sister Brusch and I

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