Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September 15

Hey everyone,
It's been a really stressful, emotional, crazy week.
We visited a lot of members and less actives to say goodbye and to introduce Sister Prince to everyone.  
And then Sister Judy left….
She was my rock.  Whenever something went wrong I could always just turn and look at her and she would reassure me and everything would usually turn out fine.  And now I'm in charge and Sister Prince doesn't know the area or the members at all, so I'm the one she looks to.  I'm actually the most senior missionary in the area…and I've only been here for 3 months, yikes.
Its a little stressful… Sister Judy was like my mama.  She understood me and she knew what to do when I was getting frustrated or anxious.  She was so funny and a lot of fun.  She is an incredible missionary and I miss her so much.  She really knew what it means to be a testifying missionary.  She worked hard, but she played just as hard.  This transfer will probably be one of my hardest.  
So…I'm sort-of down.  Our numbers weren't as high as we wanted them to be but we are still trying and working hard.  I'm sure things will get better soon.  
Love you all

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