Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27

MONDAY: So today we had a really great p-day and we visited less actives
TUESDAY: We had a doctor's appointments for Sister Brusch and Sister Phadnis and so we hardly  had any proselyting time.  But we did have two super solid lessons with a recent convert and a member family
WEDNESDAY: We had a meeting with the zone leaders. They just talked to us about how our week was going and if we needed any help with anything. I think they were just wanting to see how we were doing emotionally. haha!  We have a new investigator named Lindsay Poe! She came with her family to the church tour that we had a while ago (that totally failed…but I guess not totally)  YAY!
THURSDAY: We had another doctors appointment and a meeting with the STL's. They wanted to follow up on exchanges, and they want us to tract less..... I can see why they say that. Tracting isn't the most effective way to use our time... but I love tracting!  I really used to hate it but now I don't.  But apparently we shouldn't plan for time to tracting. It's ok…. repentance is real. And it totally works! yeah, It can solve a lot of problems if I'm willing to learn.
FRIDAY: We had a pretty good day. We visited a lot of people.
SATURDAY: We had a slow day. We had a ton of places to go. First it was a funeral in the morning for the Riding's baby boy. That was really sad. Funerals are always emotional and a little draining. Then we had to go up to a baptism in Wamego about 20 minutes east of Manhattan.
Then we had to come straight back and then start making mac and cheese for our fall festival (Thank you mom for the recipe! It came just as we were getting home to start making it!) It turned out really well! Then we headed over to the church to help set up for the fall festival, which was a blast! We handed out candy at our trunk or treat, and we sat in the trunk and were trunkie missionaries! hahaha! Super funny!
SUNDAY: Today was a miracle day! We worked really hard and we did everything that we could and everything fell into place and we hit standard on everything except 'on date'. We needed 2 people and then we would have hit standard! yes! Finally some progress! It's been so long since I've been able to see some progress in this area. I love comp unity!!!!!
Over all this week was amazing! I love my new companions!  We grew really close this last week, and we saw miracle after miracle after miracle!  It was beautiful with all the colored leaves and such. It's really awesome!
Over and out-
Sister Moffat

Sister Phadnis
Sister Brusch

LOL! I Love halloween

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