Friday, July 25, 2014

July 22

Letter (Sent July 15)

Hey all,
Wow! I'm in the greatest mission on earth! I love President and Sister Bell so much.  They are incredible people.  President Bell always addresses us as "Sisters and Elders" at Zone Conference haha!
Oh, Dad! I came out with an Elder Mejia from Chicago.  He was called to serve in the Garden City area, and met a less active member there.  This less active is being reactivated, but while Elder Mejia and his companion were talking to him for the first time, this gentleman asked Elder Mejia where he was from.  Elder Mejia said he was from Chicago, but originally from Colombia.  This less active member served his mission in Colombia and baptized a family by the name Mejia.  It was Elder Mejia's grandfather and his wife. How cool to know how much the Lord loves each of us.  The Lord knew this man needed to know of God's love and so He sent the grandson of one of his converts all the way to Kansas to reactive him.  Such a cool story!
Zone Conference was awesome! Ezekiel 3:17-19.  I will he held accountable for what kind of missionary I am.  I've learned that it's not the big rules that are hard to follow… Like not calling your family or not being far from your companion.  It's the little things that are hard…Like waking up on time and starting comp study right at 9:00.  Those ones are so simple and insignificant and they don't seem so challenging….but they are hard.  I'm a good missionary, but I need to be more 'exactly' obedient.  This week I've been trying harder to be more obedient and things have gone a little smoother.    Things have fallen by the wayside…like keeping our apartment totally organized.  But our teaching went really well this week.
I love being out here.  The people are awesome and the Kansas State fans are great! I got a k-state button to pin on my back pack, so GO WILDCATS! There is so much purple.  Nearly every house has purple wildcats on it or a purple door or something! They seem even more diehard than Provo BYU fans! Crazy!
Anyway, I've been sick for a few days.  I think I mentioned it in an email but I've been super congested.  I have to sleep sitting up in our big recliner in our room.  It smells weird and makes at the worst squeaking noises when you move it.  But it's better than suffocating :) Hopefully by the time you get this I will be well.
I love you and I love my mission!

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