Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 18

MONDAY: We hung around the institute and had awesome ping pong wars. Super fun day.
TUESDAY: We had our Weekly Planning session because we had specialized training on Wednesday. It was really, really great. After, we had an early dinner and tried to contact less actives a little.  Then went to a yoga activity at the church for the relief society. Nobody in the ward had really seen us in 'service clothes', so it was funny... when we walked in nobody recognized us.  But we had a few recent converts and an investigator there! Great turnout!
WEDNESDAY: Specialized training! Super great! The ZL's and STL's put on an object lesson about the road that investigators take to get to baptism. They likened it to lehi's dream. It was really powerful! We tried to contact James but met his daughter instead, and we made her and her three kids new investigators! 4! sweet!
THURSDAY: Our only full proselyting day. We tried to contact less actives and potentials all day.   We were successful in contacting a less active member and invited them to church. Then we had to drive to Randolph which is like 45 minutes north of manhattan, for dinner. That was fun!
FRIDAY: TEMPLE TRIP!!! The temple is the greatest place on the planet. Don't ever, ever settle for anything less that an eternal, temple marriage! Everything we do in the church points us toward the temple. So everything we do personally should also point us to the temple.  If it's not, don't do it. Simple really. Set your sights on the temple. Do everything you can to get to the temple! The temple is the most important place in the world. I know that because I've been and I have felt such strong love from our heavenly father in the temple. The peace and love felt there, can't be compared to anything else. 
SATURDAY: We tracted for a bit and we planned our Church open house activity. Hopefully it goes well.  It's next Saturday so I'll let you know how it goes. We talked to Kia a little bit.
SUNDAY: We didn't have anybody at church :(  Next will be better I just know it!

God be with you until the next weekly update!

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