Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 2

Hey y'all!! Sorry it's been a while. It's so crazy right now
MONDAY: P-Day! Lovely lovely p-day. After p-day we had a really great Member motivational lesson with a member of the bishopric and his family.
TUESDAY: Our last District meeting as a district! So sad... we knew for sure half of us were leaving. Sister Judy got called to be an STL in Dodge, out west.  The missionaries call it the land of milk and honey! Or the promise land! There are a lot of hispanic people there and they have a ton of baptisms.  She's so excited!  Elder Brailsferd and Elder Lee are going home and Elder Goodsell has been here forever and finally got called to Great Bend. So that leaves Me, Elder Mckellar, Elder Clay, and Elder Kartchner. WOW! Crazy transfer! My new companion is Sister Prince. I don't know her but I'm sure she'll be great! Apparently she's a good cook, has an amazing voice, and has really long dark hair. Anyway after district meeting we were able to go and visit Nicole (a less active member), and Sabrina (a coming-back-to-activity less active). 
WEDNESDAY: Weekly planning. We were finally able to visit Donovan! He broke is wrist this last week so we were able to go get him a treat and take it to him. He was in church on sunday, too!! Yes!
THURSDAY: We did family history today! Yay! I traced my line all the way back to Italy to the 1400's! And the 1400's as well to England! So cool! I love family history! We got to visit Marsha with one of our recent converts, Sabrina M.  It went really well, but we have no idea how to address her concern with water. She is deathly afraid of water and refuses to be baptized. Any suggestions?
FRIDAY: Sister Judy's brother got married today, and her great aunt and uncle came down from Kan-city to take us out to lunch. It was so nice of them! Then we had a 12 week conference call! My training is over! I'm no longer a greenie! We had a chance to visit our favorite coming-back-to-activity less active, Sabrina E. She's the best! She's not too happy that Sister Judy is leaving though. We had a birthday dinner for one of the older lady's in the ward and we got to talk and laugh with her family. They are so funny!.  I don't think I've laughed that hard for a long time.
SATURDAY: We got to go do a ton load of service! We volunteered at Habitat for Humanity again, and we painted a members home. It took us a while. Then we had our dinner and went and visited Kyaisha. We love her! She wants to be baptized so bad but her mom doesn't really like us that much, and won't give permission for Kyaisha to be baptized.
SUNDAY: Only Donovan was at church. But we got his grandparents to come! YAY! We decided to go and visit as many members as we could to say goodbye and then got stuck in a crazy storm. We got stuck at an investigators home after we visited Kyaisha. It was so scary! It knocked down a huge tree by the institute building. So the other sisters were at the institute building and that is were our storm shelter is so we decided to brave the storm and go there. While we were there Sister Clerico heard a huge crash and then a huge tree fell over and busted the fence and blocked off half the parking lot! So crazy! The storm soon calmed down enough for us to go home. So…yeah.  Crazy.
Oh and by the way…I chopped my hair off again. I was missing my short hair :)

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