Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 9

So this week was transfer week, and we did as much proselyting as we could but it was sort of slow.  My new companion is Sister Prince! I'm so excited that she's here in Manhattan!  I sure miss Sister Judy, but I have a new best friend! But she goes home next transfer so it doesn't give us much time to develop an eternal friendship. Oh well ….such is life as a missionary.
Oh, I got my driving privileges! YAY! It's a little strange since I've not driven in 3 1/2 months, but it'll smooth out. So because Sister Prince is going home, I am almost guaranteed to stay here in Manhattan until the end of November. Yay! And I'm a little excited to drive in the upcoming winter!
Ok I think that's all for now.
Love all y'all!
The church is true,
Sister Moffat

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  1. This is Jessica (Hesterly) Gowdy...I just saw a link to this that your mom posted. So, my husband's parents grew up in Manhattan and his grandparents are still there. Brent and Ila Morrill are members and are the sweetest, most generous people you will ever meet. And Kenneth and Dolores Gowdy are not would be awesome if you could contact them and see if maybe they are more receptive after so many years. They live at 2900 Tatarrax Dr. Kenneth is super into genealogy...maybe that could be a conversation starter :)