Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 25

Hey Family and Everyone,
This week was kind of crazy...We got 7 new investigators!!
MONDAY: We had p-day.  Vest days ever right in a row…Sunday and Monday! We had a great FHE lesson with a family in our ward.
TUESDAY: We waited for a ride from District Meeting forever….and we were late to our appointment, so we had to reschedule and did weekly planning instead.  We tried a couple of potential investigators, but nobody seemed interested.  After dinner we went over to a lady's house and helped her go through all of her temple pictures and helped her pick out which ones to put up on her wall. 
WEDNESDAY: Exchanges.  I went to Salina again.  Super fun.  I learned a lot! I found out that I am related to Elder Moyle from Utah who just went home.  I don't know why I didn't realize it earlier….uh….MOYLE!
THURSDAY: Exchanges as well and then we switched back in the afternoon. We had a great lesson with a recent convert then we tried to go visit a new investigator but they needed to reschedule.
FRIDAY: We tried a new investigator and she is super solid.  Her name is Angie and she's so sweet! She loves the idea that the Book of Mormon can change her life.  The only problem is that she is crazy busy.  Then we went to talk to this cute old lady in our ward.  She gave us water and Ensigns to pass out to people!
SATURDAY: The Church Tour! So….yeah.  It wasn't as successful as we hoped it would have been. Only a few families showed up.  I feel bad that we weren't able to get more enthusiasm from our members about it.  
SUNDAY: So good! We taught sharing time about keeping the sabbath day holy.  Oh and Beth, one of our high councilmen looks like Benedict Cumberbatch :)
Ok….so transfers are next wednesday.  Sister Judy might be leaving :(

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