Friday, July 25, 2014

July 14

HELLO EVERYBODY! It's been a great week!
Monday:  We went to a super cool Japanese place for lunch called Umi. It's a hibachi house so they cook your food right in front of you. so fun! some of the workers there are investigators so we were able talk with them and see how things were going.
Tuesday: ZONE CONFERENCE! So….. I was called tot the greatest mission on earth! (Our mission president always says that, and I believe him!) I love my mission! So yeah...  I want to stay a missionary forever! Sorry family :)   Anyway, we learned so much at zone conference. We had the Manhattan and Salina zones there. President Bell and Sister Bell where there and I got to meet sister Bell!!  She was in Utah for a funeral when we got off the plane in Wichita, so that was exciting. After zone conference we had enrichment and Kia and Legina came! It was an awesome lesson! we talked about the women of the old testament and Kia loved it!
Wednesday: SISTER JUDY'S BIRTHDAY!! She's 20! I made her breakfast,  a happy birthday sign,  a birthday crown that said "queen for the day", and I gave her a mustard seed. We went and talked with a less active today and she committed to come to church! She had already talked with the bishop  about getting slacks for her boys because she didn't want them to feel out of place. We went and visited one of our new investigators who isn't keeping commitments as they should.   We are still going to go over at once every other week to see how she's doing, and see what we can do for her. Maybe we'll start teaching her again if she shows and real desire to be baptized. We went to dinner with one of our favorite new members, Christina. She is the best! So funny!  We're in the process of trying to commit her to start doing family history work, and we're also trying to commit her to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. She's nervous and "doesn't want to let down the dead".  We told her to think of her baptism day and how happy she was, and to think of those people who have passed on who haven't felt of the blessings of baptism. We asked her to think of how long they have been waiting, and how happy they will be once she went to the temple for them. She's still a little nervous.
Thursday: IT WAS SO HOT! buckets and buckets of sweat. Good thing we have lots and lots of water on hand. We got Donavan on Date!! Wooohooo! He's getting baptized on the 26th of July! Sister Judy and I are so stoked! Two baptism weeks in a row! We had dinner with a family in our ward. He served his mission in Salt Lake. Anyone Know an Elder Moberly?
Friday: We rode to a new investigators house, but he was just leaving when we rode up. Bummer! We asked when we could come back and he basically said that he doesn't want us to come back. We visited our non progressing investigator again, and we talked with her about the book of Mormon. We haven't gotten a solid commitment to read from her yet, but it was more than usual, so that's a good sign. We biked to one of our favorite members' homes for dinner. The Siegs. Her husband is deployed right now so it's just her and her three little boys. They are the Cutest!!!  "Big boy", "Chippy", and "Cubbie' are their nick names.
Saturday: I woke up pretty congested and not feeling too well. I took a little rest during our lunch break. We headed over to another one of our favorite Members house to do 'Service Saturday', which is when we put on our service clothes and go to members homes to do service. They can't refuse you when you're in service clothes standing on their porch :)  So yeah, we rode around for a little bit until we found a member who was home. Then we helped her paint her master bedroom. She wanted to get it done before her husband gets home from deployment. After that we had dinner with the bishop's family. We had gotten a ride there, and forgot to call for a ride home…. so we ended up walking for quite a bit until we could get a hold of somebody. It was another one of our favorite members and her boyfriend that came and picked us up.  They asked if we had eaten dinner. You always answer no to that question! (Teaching opportunity!!)  So they took us out for ice-cream.
Hanging out with a member of our ward
I'm out of time so I'll write about Sunday later.  XO Y'all!
Look who I ran into!!  Brookelyn Langhaim!
(Previous Alpine 7th Ward member)

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