Saturday, July 5, 2014

MTC #3

Today was a little harder…..OK, a lot harder.  I am tired, and all day I was distracted and frazzled.  I can really see now how important our health is in relation to our spirit.  Our physical health is directly related to our spiritual health.  If we are hungry, thats all we think about….and its only when we meet our physical needs that we can really focus on the spirit and strengthen our testimonies.  
So tonight's letter will be a little bit shorter so I can get to bed a few minutes earlier to get some more rest.  I don't want to take any time out of my doctrinal study for my investigators.  
We've been getting up early and going to an early morning aerobics class.  This morning was kick boxing.  It was really great, but I woke up tired and the day was a little disorganized and frustrating.  But there were a couple hours right before lunch that the spirit was really strong.  Its incredible….the spirit that is felt here when your entire day is spent thinking and praying and planning for others.  Its amazing the love that you feel.  

My district

Sister Clerico and I

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