Friday, July 25, 2014

July 21

 Hey all!
How was camping? I'm sure it's nice being in the woods without having to worry about chiggers. I have 19 chigger bites. Mosquitoes aren't a problem right now, but the chiggers are really bad!  They are like 10X worse that mosquitoes and spiders combined. They live in grass and in low hanging trees... so pretty much anytime you walk outside you are sure to get bit. Benadryl may have to be an option at night. Plus…today is suppose to get up to 110. Lovely :)  Just pray I don't get heat stroke. Or pray that the Lord will open the heavens and send rain! The humidity is alright if it stays in the  low 90's, but once it get's passed 98 its an adventure for sure. I guess its the best of both worlds here in Kansas. They say it's going to be a really cold winter here, too. YAY! Can't wait for that!  I'll  get to wear all my long sleeved shirts!
So this week was sort of a downer. We haven't been able to find any investigators in 2 weeks. We've been trying to help less actives come to church, and then ask them for referrals.  But we've been meeting with a family. The mom and her boys have been coming to church the past couple of weeks! Yay! Hopefully we will get the chance to ask them for referrals this week.
This week we had an investigator get really upset with us when we asked her how quitting smoking was going. We are supposed to follow up as missionaries , and She didn't like that. We had a recent convert with us,  she asked her why she joined the church.  Christina, our recent convert, was a little vague at first but then she talked about how she had chaos in her life and then when she joined the church she had more strength to carry the burden. But our investigator wanted to know more, and was still upset.  So, although we did everything we were suppose to do as missionaries, we didn't tailor to needs of our investigator very well. Now she has dropped off date and doesn't want us teaching her anymore. :(  She said we can still come by and teach her sister though. Needless to say we were not the most upbeat sisters for the next couple of days.
Sister Judy, Lisa Murphy, Sister Moffat
Donavan is still doing really well! Lisa's baptism was this week on saturday! It was soooooo awesome!! 1ST CONVERT! And I've only been out 6 weeks!! I'll send pictures. I don't have very much time right now, but I'll try and write more in my letters tonight, but this is where we are at:  Kia dropped us, Lagina is on date for August (cross fingers), Donavan is on date for the  July 26th, and Lisa was baptized!
Pray we can find people this week! 
PS. It was transfer day….But I'm staying here in Manhattan!  And so is sister Judy, Sister Herrin and Sister Clerico. YAY! The four amigos get to stay together! (Well actually we call our selves the Man-sisters,  haha!). Oh and we have a new DL elder McKeller.
Sister Moffat, Sister Judy, Lisa Murphy, Steve Murphy

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