Sunday, July 6, 2014

MTC #4

So….Sister Cox, Magleby, Chlerico and I just got locked out of our room.  Its 10:00 and we had to go down to the front office on the other side of campus in our PJ's and without shoes.  We didn't even have on our name tags…..the worst! When we first realized we were locked out, we called down to the front desk and they told us to come down.  Sister Chlerico and I went out of the building to go to the front desk, but realized we didn't have our key cards that get us into all the buildings so we had to knock on the door until someone let us in.  We then had to borrow a card from another sister so we could get to the front desk to get back into our building with a key for our room.  As we turned down a hall we saw some elders…. and went BLITZING back the other way!  As we ran back to our building we could hear them calling after us and taunting, "Oh, Sisters… In your pajamas!"  I really hope they didn't see our faces! But we made it back to our room before 10:20 so everything was OK.  Although it was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life.  Sort of hilarious, but still awful.

Thats what happened to us tonight.  I wish I could say this afternoon was better.  It wasn't.  We had a really discouraging, humbling day.  Sister Chlerico and I had prepared, and prayed, and studied and then prayed some more about our investigator Bobby.  We both have come to love and care for him so much.  We really felt good about the lesson we prepared and we tried to invited the spirit by sharing our testimonies and by testifying of prayer and the Book of Mormon.  But the spirit just wasn't there and I don't know why.  He committed to come to church though, and we know now why he's having problems praying….so we made a little progress.   But this lesson that we had planned so well just wend completely different…in a not so great way.  We felt really disappointed with ourselves and really discouraged.  We both cried when we did an evaluation with our teacher.  We both feel so inadequate.  Although, our teacher keeps telling us how great we're doing, so that makes me feel a little better.  We have worked so hard to know what he needs….we just want to be good missionaries.

Dad, if you have any advice I would really appreciate it.  I need it as a missionary.  I don't need encouragement…I know I can get through it.  Yes, its hard, but I need to know how I can better prepare myself for lessons and how I can better invite the spirit.  We're not the teachers, the spirit is and we both know that.  I guess its why we were so disappointed that the spirit wasn't there.
Anyway, besides that I'm doing great! I love being here.

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