Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 23

We had a cricket in our tub a couple days ago. Sister Judy had to shower with a bug in the shower. Gross. It wasn't as big as that giant thing  you guys caught, but still pretty big. 
Oh! President Bell has given us permission to play musical instruments on P-Day :) so I can play my ukelele. Will you guys send that to me?
Its humid as all get out here and nothing in comfortable except t shirts and full skirts. All the sisters pretty much live in White t shirts and skirts. Its miserable in anything else.  The sisters here have a trading system going on. Unless there are elders moving into the apartment after you, you can leave any clothes you don't want or don't fit into, in the apartment closets and other sisters can take it and leave other clothes. (Ps I've gained like 8 pounds since I've left. Dead serious.) SO, I grabbed a skirt form the other sisters hand out closet. We had elders in the apartment before us so no handout closet for us. Oh well. …we're  hopefully going thrifting today :D

Here is my weekly update:
Monday: P-day we spent like three years in Wal-Mart.  It took us forever to get bikes.  I finally got one... its red….and called the ADMIRAL!  I love it. Its a men's bike but it works great for me.  Then we were able to stop by a Referrals house. Their names are Kia and Legina. They are super awesome! We committed them to read the book of Mormon and come to church, they really like reading the book of Mormon, but they didn't come to church  :( They came to a church tour we had on Friday though!
Tuesday: We contacted less actives and we met a girl who wanted her records removed from the church :( super sad! We tried to ask her why, but she wouldn't answer the question and was adamant about us talking to the bishop to get her records removed.  One thing I  have learned is to BE BOLD! BE BRAVE! and open your mouth and testify of truth!
Wednesday: We have new investigators! We met Angelina and Christian, a mom and son with a less active grandmother who lives with them. I think they're interested but we need to apply our lessons to their life. I don't think the grandmother understand how much this will changer her life and make her so happy. We are hoping that as we teach Christian and Angelina, their grandmother's testimony will grow and she will become active again.
Thursday: One of our progressing investigators is pretty much a "dry Mormon".  She comes to church and she has a calling and she has visiting teachers and she lives the word of wisdom and pays her tithing, but she hasn't been baptized yet. Her family is the only thing holding her back. They are anti-mormon, and would not be happy if she joined the church…. but she wants to  be baptized so badly! Her father was in the hospital Thursday night and she asked us to pray for him. I hope this will help her see how important baptism is.
Friday: We met With Donavan. He's ten and wants to be baptized, so we're planning on getting him on date next week.  YAY! super solid and loves church!
LOVE it here!
Anyway, I need to go.  But I love you all!
Me with Sister Judy after an institute meeting

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