Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30th

Weekly Update-
Saturday: I was on exchanges with our STLs. I Went down to Salina! Its a little hotter down there. Its so flat, but it gets even flatter! So weird, I'm getting used to it though.   So in Salina I was with Sister Roquemore and Sister Walker. They are so cool! We knocked on so may doors I lost count.  They are like the top proselyting missionaries in the mission. Always one more door, one more door. Hey look another door!…. Lets knock this door, eh? One more door. Oh we're home?! .... lets go across the street and knock a few doors :) 
 Both of them have "cop knocks".  They knock super loud only three times.  So its scary whenever they knock. So they made me knock doors haha!   A LOT OF DOORS! It really made me stretch, and I am so grateful for it!  Being a missionary is to be continually growing. You're always growing and continually learning and changing for the better. Its awesome!
Sunday: Well both our progressing investigators came to church YAY!  But none of our investigators who are on date. Bummer! That's only 2 of 7 who should have come. Its ok,  we'll try again next week. There's always next Sunday.
Monday: After emailing we went hiking. Yes, you can go hiking in Kansas. They call it hiking, I call it walking. But there where some substantial hills. Once we got on top of them we could see all of Manhattan and beyond. Kansas is so gorgeous! I totally forgot to bring my camera to the library so I will try and send those pictures later. OH!  I almost forgot about the turkeys! We saw a flock of wild turkey running around. I realized then, that I don't think I've ever seen a wild turkey, and it sort of struck me.. I need to get out more when I come back to Utah.
Ok, so on top of the hills (that Kansas calls mountains) it started to rain... and rain hard. This wasn't no skimpy Utah rain. It was like someone turned on a faucet. No joke! It was glorious! I was sort of scared though, it suddenly got cold ...and that is a sign of a tornado. Luckily we didn't see any tornadoes.
OH! I almost forgot! Elder Goodsell saved my life! When we got down to the cars he noticed a tick on my arm. Who knows how long it had been there, all I know is that its head was burrowed under my skin! AAAAH! One of the other elders had a pair of tweezers, and they were able to get it out without breaking off the head.  So  I decided, well... I guess I'll check to see if I have anymore ticks. Yup I had another on my shoulder. I was able to brush it off because it hadn't had the chance to get its head in my skin yet. So two ticks in one day right? Nope!  I found another on my back pack, and another in my clothes after we got home. I HATE TICKS! Please pray I don't have lime disease.
Tuesday: So we finally decided to knock our apartment building and we were able to find a potential investigator! Cool! Her name is Kate.
So today I noticed how pretty the sky is here. The sky is gorgeous. Its goes on forever! It has layers, upon layers, upon layers of big white fluffy clouds.  Its crazy! Today was our first day on bikes. We worked hard today. Really hard. We are in quite a bit of pain. Really, really sore. I cant really sit down.
Thursday: We rode our bikes again today. We are sort of exhausted. But I love it! I got a really rude door today. She told us (not very nicely) to go away.

Hiking :)

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