Sunday, March 8, 2015

December 22

Hello! Merry Christmas!
It's snowing in alpine?! It snowed here in Wichita a few days ago, but it's all melted. Wah wah wah... no white Christmas for us :(   
So we have a lady in our ward who I absolutely adore.  There isn't much I can do to re-pay her for all the things she and her husband have done for us. They are some of the most charitable people I've ever met. Yesterday, after sacrament meeting,  I talked with her and told her how grateful we were for her.   Then after church during lunch, my companion and I were both were feeling a little down. Our numbers were low and we felt as though we didn't make much of a difference in people's lives. Just then we got a text from this sweet sweet sister, telling us how she had been down in the dumps lately.  She told us that she always loves seeing our smiling faces, and how we brighter her Sundays. She then told us that she would love to have us for dinner and quoted Joshua 1:9. I bawled a little. This wonderful woman doesn't know how much I needed that. I am so so grateful that I get to be a missionary and have wonderful people around me to remind me that I make a difference in their lives. How ever small... I still make one. 
Thank you all so much for the love and support!
         -sister maddie moffat
MERRY CHRISTMAS! From Rolling Hills!

SKYPING with Sister Moffat!

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