Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 16

Aaaahh….I'm leaving Wichita!!! :'(
I have to say goodby to the best ward I have ever been in! Not only that, Sister herrin is leaving, too!! We call it a whitewash!! It's because we're not getting as many sister as we used to, so they're are having to close some sister areas  :(
We have to clean the whole apartment and take all of the sisters' things out, becasue we're being replaced by elders. We have to say goodbye to our wonderful members... like the Eppersons, the Balzers, the Burdicks, and Sister Pinkerton, and the Sinclairs. We don't really have favorites in the ward... we literally love every single family. Oh!! and Belinda and her husband and her granddaughter?!!! I have never been so unhappy and apprehensive about a transfer as this one. Topeka is scary!! and my area is tiny!!! Only like 2 square miles. 
OK...done with venting. I'll write a letter I promise.   We have to go clean and pack today so we can visit everybody tomorrow. But that's what I've learned about missionary work.  Helping other come CLOSER to Jesus Christ though his love. Sharing God's love for his children. It's the best thing in the world. I love it. More than anything else. I never want to come home. The Rolling Hills Ward has taught me that, to never ever want to go home. I truly want to be a missionary for ever and ever. Not a member missionary, but a full time badge wearing sister!!  :)  I love my mission!  I love Kansas. Kansas is the best state in the universe!!!!!
OK. I'll write you in Topeka. I know it's where the Lord needs me, it's just really hard to leave behind so many people that I love. Topeka... you better be great! 

Sis Moffat
Sad to say goodbye to my wonderful friend and companion!

Final Game night with the Eppersons

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