Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 2

So, this week was a week of miracles!!!
For one, I am feeling better!! Wahoo it's so nice to be (almost) back to normal!!
For two, we had a great week!!! We had an incredible training given by the AP's about miracles and always teaching people everywhere we are. We also had interviews…and I'm sorry everybody, but WE HAVE THE BEST MISSION PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD!!! I love him so much! He has helped me through so many things! Anyway… those were all miracles...  and then we had HUGE break throughs with three separate less actives.  Then we got to see Belinda, and she asked about our "blessed clothing"... uh.. GULP! But once we told her she said, "Oh, my goodness... thats the most beautiful, sacred thing I've ever heard!"
Then she cried a little bit when she asked why people make fun and deface the things we hold so sacred. We told her it was the adversary. She was really nervous about going to the temple, but when we told her that wouldn't be for about a year she was like "oh whew!…Then I still got some time to learn".  She didn't feel worthy to go inside the temple until she knew more.  She's seriously awesome!  And then we went over lesson 3 'Gospel of Jesus Christ' (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end) and talked about how these are the important things, and that things like the offices of the priesthood are just details.  Then she understood.   She is working toward getting her temple recommend and doing baptism for the dead on February 20th!! It was SUCH a spiritual lesson!!
So guess what else? We got a full time car! One of the elders hurt his knee and they took a car from other elders on the other side of Wichita for them. So since we don't have anyone to share with, we get a full time car!! MIRACLE. not for Elder Jones and his knee, or the other missionaries who now don't have a full time car, but for US. hahaha YAY cars!
Then on Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting.  We had a less active member come who I've never seen come to church, in the three months I've been here! WOOOOHOOO!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! I'm really afraid to come home because I won't know what to do. I won't have a clear purpose that I recite every morning. I won't have district leaders and zone leaders checking up with me daily helping me to improve. Talk about ID crisis! I'm a little frightened.
Anyway, I'm doing 100% better! Thanks for all you do to support me! Have a great week and I promise i'll be better at weekly updates.
Sister Moffat

Dinner and FUN with the Eppersons

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