Sunday, March 8, 2015

December 8

Hello all,
This week was kinda hard. We got sick at the beginning of the week with a cold a cough,  so we had to stay in. We were sick and tired...of being sick and tired! So we didn't work as hard as we could have. We've both been a little down. So ya, prayers of encouragement would be great. We need them.
Oh! One good thing that happened this week was the 1st annual Wichita Nativity. SO AWESOME!! If our stake back home didn't have the huge live nativity... I would've  suggest doing this. It was incredible!! I was really really impressed with it all!
The church was open to the public Friday night and all day Saturday for a nativity exhibit. They had nearly 300 nativities from all over the word set up in the gym.  Then a children's exhibit in the primary room, with little nativities that they could set up and play with. They also had a costume corner and a little nativity scene that they could dress up and take pictures at. The church was decorated beautifully, with trees and lights and ornaments everywhere. The tables,too,  that the nativity displays were put on, were decorated very nicely. They had a huge painted Bethlehem scene that was hung on the stage curtain, plus live musical performances that played in the chapel. Then, of course, there were tons of chocolate chip cookies and refreshments.  Books of Mormon, pass-along card, and joy to the word dvd's were at all the entrances and exits. This was a huge event and well planned! We had a lot of non members come and really really enjoy themselves! I saw tons of people walk out with copies of the Book of Mormon and DVD's!! This was a wonderful Christ centered celebration that really put Christ back into Christmas!! So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!
Remember that CHRIST is the reason for the season and go watch HE IS THE GIFT on

Sister Moffat
Making gingerbread houses!!

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