Sunday, March 8, 2015

January 26

Hey All,
So...this last week was tough. I had a few moments of realization that I am not the strong person that I thought I was.  I'm a little unstable, emotionally, and a little broken. But I also had a moment of realization...that I don't need to be "normal" or without problems, to function and be someone who contributes. Dad, I remember a lecture you gave me on being a producer and not a consumer. (see I listened!) and lately I've been really down. Just feeling like I am not producing, not succeeding, not contributing. But I am realizing more and more every day that I am not alone in trying to work out my issues. Christ is there with me. We have a song that goes around in the mission called "Jesus is the 1". Jesus is truly the one who is working to do everything for our benefit. We can't overcome anything without the enabling power of the atonement.
I absolutely love serving in the Rolling Hills ward in the Wichita stake!! It's absolutely great! I love the members, they help out so much! We are fed so much, and they ask to go on team ups with us! They love missionary work!
Our bishop is really cool. Bishop Fleetwood AKA Judge Fleetwood. He's the chief judge of Wichita!
Our area is pretty big. It's pretty standard to have to drive like 6-7 miles from our apartment to an investigators house. We get on the freeway (which isn't a word here in Kansas, it's the interstate) to get to another part of the city! So crazy! Wichita is huge!
There are two stakes in this city and our ward has about 250 households.  The ward council is really awesome!! They help out a lot. They give us lists of less actives and non members to go visit. We go to ward council and we talk about who our investigators are, and how we're working with them. Then we ask the ward council what they think we should do, or who else could help fellowship them. It's great to all be working together!
As for our investigators, you can pray for Maxine and for Andrea. You can also pray for the elders'  investigator Lawrence. Lawrence is on parole and it's going to take some work to get him baptized.  Although, he's progressing pretty well and really wants to be baptized.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and prayers!
Starting MTC Night off right!
Sister Moffat
Me with SIster Herrin

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