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February 23

HOLA FROM TOP CITY!!!! Topeka is an amazing place! 
Dad, numero uno... Do you know of any relatives of yours who would be in their 50's that served in Arizona?  Because my bishop, Bishop Hoyos, was taught by an Elder Moffat. So.. a potential connection! Yay
OK... so this week has been a week of miracles!!! 

MONDAY: Found out I was leaving Wichita. Sad day.
TUESDAY: Packed and said goodbye to everyone. Sad day
WEDNESDAY: Transfers.. said goodbye to Sister Herrin. Sad day. But I met sister Kuchin! Happy day! 
THURSDAY: We met one of our investigators on date, Shelby. Please pray for her.She is struggling to quit smoking, and understand why it is all important to her.  We can teach her about why, but until it really sinks in (that this is salvation) she won't progress. We also cover a YSA branch, well more like twig. We're trying to start a branch. But they have institute and so we get to go to institue! :) super fun! 
FRIDAY: I met a micronesian family:) Just like in Manhattan!!! The dad's name is Readson.  His aunt is 'grandma sehna'!!! A member in the Manhattan 2nd ward where I served for 6 months!!! I am trying to get permission to call her :)  Readson's two kids Simrik and Reanne are really wanting to be baptized,  but Readson wouldn't give his permission.  We made really great progress with him, by talking about what baptism is and why his kids want to be baptized.  At first he said when they are 18 and then he said maybe this summer. Yay progress! We also met a really nice less active member named Lydia. Pray for her and her migraines. She has to be put on a sedative to combat the migraines. But then she drinks two cups of coffee every morning, to counter act the sedative so she can stay awake long enough to get things done.  Please pray that they can figure out a way to help her migraines to where she doesn't feel like she has to break the word of wisdom to come to church. Oh!! and our Micronesian family, gave us Mara Maras!  They are these flower, head crown things and so great! In Micronesia they where them on sundays to church, so we do too! :) We get lots of "so what's with the hawaiian look?" haha! 
SATURDAY: One of our members is a huge genealogist and she wrote a book on black history in Topeka. She collaborated with another black historian/librarian and created an event called "CELEBRATING AFRICAN AMERICAN TOPEKA" and it was held in our chapel. 
There were two African American choirs from two catholic churches that sang. Ok.. i really really like gospel soul music now. So here's how it wen... Our stake president opened the event and we had an opening prayer and sang and opening hymn. The hymn was 'Faith of our Fathers', and I have never felt the spirit that strong singing a hymn in the chapel before! When we first walked in, there were tons of african American people, and lots of non members! Which was so awesome! So, the African American culture and community is known for their connection to hymns and music, and it was so cool!!!! Anyway, after the opening hymn, there was a presentation on the early history of blacks in Topeka. Then we heard from one of the Choirs. They sang a couple of songs... one was called Jesus is the way. There were some people, standing up and swaying with the music, not making a racket, just standing and agreeing...and giving their testimony to the song as well. It was so cool! The second song had a soloist, and during the solo part some of the members of the choir would give encouragement to the soloists like... "mmm you sing it boy!"… Seriously, so cool!! 
Then there was another presentation,  then another couple of songs by another choir titled, "Fix me Jesus" and "how great is our God". A really amazing spirit filled us all after both hymns. Actually, through all the performances I felt an incredible spirit. And there was clapping after each one!! Clapping in the chapel! well that felt different! So, clapping and humming through each part of the program :) Then there were some closing remarks by the stake president , who was clapping through the whole thing as well!!  :) Then there was one last song, that was suppose to be titled "Let the church say amen", but they changed it last minute to "Lord help me keep my yes!", and wow that was a powerful song! Then there was a closing prayer by Reverend something something something the 3rd. It was a nice prayer. Then refreshments afterward :)  Over-all an awesome night! 
SUNDAY: So we went to church and wore our mara maras! So did the bishop during ward council, and also before and after sacrament meeting :) YES! our bishop is really cool :) 
So this ward's council was probably the most productive/effective ward council that I've ever been to!! Wow this ward is awesome! Oh and mom, one of our members looks like you! So I have my mama here in topeka with me, which is really weird... because a little while ago I dreamed that you went on a mission and got called to Kansas and we served in the same ward! haha :)  sooo that's really cool. Anyway after church we went to visit the Ehpel family (the micronesian family), and the elders gave the mom, Melcie, a blessing (she's a member). The spirit was so strong! We bore testimony of the holy ghost and the gift of the holy ghost after baptism. 
And get this... Readson was there!!! We were able to talk to him about baptism, and how we can feel that warmth and peace after baptism all the time! We talked about his baptism as a little baby (because he's super catholic), and what his baptism has done for him. He said "Nothing... I was only 6 months old". So we had a really spirit filled lesson on baptism, and then he promised that he and the kids would be baptized on March 28th!!! WAAAHOOO!!! We cried, and screamed, and sang songs in the car!!!!! 
MIRACLE!!!!!!! PRAY FOR THEM PLEASE!! There are a lot of things Readson has to go through to be baptized. BUT yeah!  That alone made the week amazing!!!

Sister Moffat
My new TOPEKA Family!

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