Sunday, March 8, 2015

November 17

Hola from the mission!
So, we had our first snow this week and it's FREEZING here in Kansas. It's so windy, that it seems impossible to stay warm. Lovely.
What are everyone's plans for thanksgiving? The Rowley's are going to have the sisters over on that day, but I really don't know if i'll be here. We find out next week.... I don't like transfers! You have to say goodbye to someone every six weeks...sometimes sooner  :/ 
Oh, Elder Kartchner, Elder MacIntire, and Sister Brusch say hello. They're sitting here with me in the library.
So, I have no money since we had our district leaders birthday (Elder Kartchner) a few weeks ago.   I spent a lot of money on the BBQ ribs I made everyone. Oops. But they were worth it. They turned out really good!
Sorry for the short note. I love you lots, and I pray for you everyday!
Sister Moffat
Making Ribs for Elder Kartchner's Birthday…So GOOD!

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