Sunday, March 8, 2015

January 19

HEY Everyone!

So it's been rough this past week, but this week was also so full of miracles!!
MONDAY: p-day
TUESDAY: We contacted a lot of former investigators. Not much success... except we met a lady named Andrea, and she seems great!! We're planning on meeting with her this week!!! yay!
WEDNESDAY: We did some more searching, and got chewed out by a referral. Haha! Good times.
THURSDAY: We jogged across a small park to talk to this lady. She was solid! We gave her a book of Mormon, and inivited her whole family to be baptized on the 31st of January! And she excepted! so cool!!!
FRIDAY: We got a call from our "miracle lady from the park" Karyn. Sadly, she said she didn't know we were Mormons and she was no longer interested. Oh well... We'll put her in the area book and sisters will go visit her later down the road. It just wasn't the right time for her.
SATURDAY: We had a great team up with one of our members, and we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Belinda and Mariah. And then, guess what?! BILL READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! So cool!! this whole family will be baptized one day, I can feel it!
SUNDAY: We had so many people at church!! yay!!! Great week!!!!
love ya!
Sister Moffat
Sister Herrin and I at "Spangles"…a Wichita classic!

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