Sunday, March 8, 2015

December 29


So this week was interesting. Super surreal to talk to my family on Christmas. Like what the?!…

Anyway, we had a baptism scheduled on Christmas Eve, and then it was moved to Saturday the 27th, and then  it was moved to Sunday the 28th, and then there was a miscommunication on the time... so Belinda will be baptized on Wednesday the 31st! Whew! But Happy new year! It will happen!!…even if I have to drag her and her family to the church! She needs (with a capital N!) the blessings of baptism in her life, and she is soooooo ready for them! She tells us all the time with a choked up voice and a tears in her eyes, how excited she is to be a part of this church. She wants so bad "to be a Mormon". She loves to read to read the Book of Mormon so we gave her a quad this past week, and she loves it!!!  
So here's another crazy story, we were contacting all these former investigators, and we sent this one guy a text.   He called us back to tell us he wants to meet with us again, but that he's visiting family in mexico. So, he asked us to call hime next week! Nobody ever does that!!  yay! 
Yhis week wasn't our best number week, but it was a spiritual renewal for both Sister Herrin and I. I got a blog post from Gram titled 'Drops of awesome'. If you have never heard of it...look it up, be enlightened and motivated to do good! OK!  "small and simple. tiny drops. go forth. be awesome!!"

Love you all, 
Sister Moffat

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