Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 9

So, I've only had three baptism, but I have made a commitment to baptize 3 more! I need to work hard at following the spirit but I know the Lord will help me.
HAPPY VALENTINES ON SATURDAY!!! So the Utah weather has been crazy mild? YUP, that sounds like Kansas, and Idaho. Sister Herrin's family in Idaho is saying the same thing. It was like 72 here yesterday. It's a little foggy today, but it's still SUPER nice. I sort-of feel gipped. I wanted a really bitter Kansas winter. We never got it, and now I have to survive another blistering summer. Ugh. I am not very happy about that. The summer in Kansas is not pleasant at all.
Mom, tell the kids not to worry about their friend drama. Now I have cooler friends called sisters and elders! They are the best friends I've ever made! They will have companions on their mission in just a few short years, that will be life long friends! Well, maybe not all of them, but with each stage of life, comes a new set of people... a new sphere of influence and new spheres that influence you. 
We have a beehive in our ward who is really really struggling with depression and anxiety. Her family is not supportive, or encouraging. Her half sister pushes her away, and won't let anyone near her. There's a lot more to the story, but she is really connected to the church spiritually. The church has become her net, her safe place. We got permission to take her out on team ups to show her that she can be good at something important. We are trying to help her find her niche. I think the church helps us all find this for ourselves.  
So,  finally got pictures put up on my wall of the family and it made me realize how much I am missing.  Everyone is growing up so fast! But don't worry.  I love being a missionary!
Much Love,
Sister Moffat

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