Sunday, March 8, 2015

December 15

I love love LOVE Christmas!
So, this is me and my sweet compy! We are basically the same person. We have the exact same thought process, same strengths, same weaknesses…..and believe it or not…the exact same eye glass prescription (just reversed).  We make a great team that is sorta one…its another learning experience is all :)
But sorry I haven't been very good at writing lately.  I'm just a little overwhelmed with my new area is all. It is very different  from manhattan. Wichita is sort of ghetto! For example,  I could go anywhere in Manhattan and feel safe. But here in Wichita, there are some places in our area that are super sketchy. One of our members was like "Yeah, car thefts are real big in this part of town" ...….yikes. Wichita's crime rate is a little higher than I'd like.... but it also has some INCREDIBLY humbly people. WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR WHO HAS QUIT SMOKING SO SHE CAN BE BAPTIZED ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! yeeeeeesssssss!! I'll send ya'll pics.
Our ward is great! Bishop Fleetwood is so fantastic, and our ward mission leader is stellar, Brother Sinclair. The relief society president, Sister Austin, is amazing as well!! I love this area!!
It's HUGE and really overwhelming.. but really really prepared!! Love it!!!
So a member got us a 4 foot Christmas tree. We have presents under the tree already and we are starting to play Christmas music in the car all the time. We also have been baking cookies and getting gifts for our members. 
OK. Over and out!
Sister Moffat

PS. The plaid thing you sent…is it a blanket or a scarf? Because I'm using it as a scarf right now.  Its fantastic! Thanks! It really lifted my spirits.

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