Monday, September 7, 2015

June 8

MONDAY: WE HAD TACOS!!!!! I love tacos... since coming to kansas my appreciation for BBQ has remained the same.... but my appreciation for Mexican food, has greatly increased. 
TUESDAY: District meeting and a super long lesson with Ingrid. Pretty standard day. 
WEDNESDAY: Lamest day ever! Mostly stuck inside all day. Weekly planning for two areas....super lame!!! 
THURSDAY: Today was awesome!! We did lots of service, and we went on lots of splits, and we saw a ton load of miracles!!! Like... a TON! We helped one of our favorite home bound less actives (we have several)  move. And we got to have dinner with one of our recent converts! Listen to her conversion story: So she goes to Boot camp, and on sunday they have the option to go to a bunch of different churches.  There are a ton off base and everyone wants to get off base and so she goes to a baptist church. She thought she'd go with something familiar, but it was southern baptist. She was not raised southern baptist. It was anything but familiar, so the next week she thought she'd stay on base for reflection hour, and again it was not what she thought it would be, Everyone was gabbing and no one was reading and praying and reflecting. Then the next week one of her friends told her "YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE MORMON CHURCH! THEY GIVE OUT COOKIES!!" 
and in boot camp you don't get cookies. You get just enough time to scarf down the food they give you, until they tell you to stand up and get going. So... she went. For cookies. But while she was there she said she felt like coming home. Everything they said spoke to her soul and she just couldn't believe how everything there was exactly what she was needing and looking for in her life. And so after the lesson (I'm assuming it was gospel principles) she asked the man who taught it, "What do i have to do to become a member of this church?" and he asked "You want to be baptized?" and she said "If that's what it takes!" and so they gave her the baptismal interview and they baptized her!  :) Without knowing anything about anything! She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saint... because she felt the spirit and knew that it was right. 
She is amazing!! 
FRIDAY: So everything was pretty standard, lots of awkward door approaches and awkward street contacts and so on. We get home for the night and it starts to POUR!! Hail and winds like no other. We had sever weather warnings and flash flood warning and everything! It was crazy! Then our ceiling started to leak!!! We are on the 2nd of 3 stories... would someone please tell me how  that happened?! And our sliding glass door is not sealed like it's suppose to be.. and it started to leak everywhere! It's too late to call our landlord, so I got on my rain coat and my boots and went out onto our balcony to see what could be done. By some small miracle it stopped. Not the rain, or the hail, or the wind, or lightning, or thundering (which was absolutely fantastic by the way) (some made me jump up out of my skin!) But the leaking! The profuse pouring of water from who knows where, stopped!!! NOW TELL ME THE LORD DOES NOT LOVE HIS CHILDREN, I DARE YOU! 
SATURDAY: There is this church in Topeka called to Westboro Baptist Church.... they are something else...God loves them. And across the street is the Equality House:) one of my favorite places inTopeka:) 
Anyway, we were taking pictures at the house and one of the owners came out and was so excited that we were taking pictures with house. He talked to us about where we were from and what we did as missionaries and such :) He was a nice guy. oh, and then we were on our way to go see our investigators and we saw them walking down the street. And they were walking really funny and we thought they were drunk, so we turned around and asked them what they were doing. They told us the CUTEST story about how they were reading the pamphlet and book of mormon together, and how they love that we came over:)  Oh phew... they were not drunk they were just doing stretches and just being silly:) But this was our investigator and her husband:) can anyone say wedding and a baptism in the near future? haha I think yes!!! 
SUNDAY: So it was an interesting sunday.... We had our investigator's two daughters who are on date come to church!!!! Yay! And one of them shaved half her head.... She's only 11. But she's so awesome!
Then in relief society the sister who was teaching gave a PROFOUND lesson on pornography and how to protect ourselves from it and a personal experiences from her brother and sister in law.   When she talked and explained how this can destroy lives, and what to do when this awful plague strikes....oh my gosh! Talk about amazing lesson! I've never enjoyed lessons on pornography, and I still don't.  But i was riveted by this one. It made the atonement just a little more real. I realized how much I need the atonement for the little things. Pornography is a big thing and is covered by the atonement, but the little things that we all need it for are just as covered. 
The atonement of Jesus Christ is so real! and it is so present in our lives. We need it so badly!!! Not just for serious things, but for everything!! for every tiny little thing!!!!!! Our Savior and Redeemer loves us! More than we will EVER understand! We can't be afraid of repentance. If there is one thing I've learned on my mission it's that repentance is a daily acceptance of reality, and your divine potential and heritage. It is a happy joyful experience and it can and should change your life, every day. I know my savior lives, and that He knows and loves all of us!!

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