Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7

Saw lots and lots of miracles this week:)
It was crazy busy with Mission leadership council and zone training.
But we met this really awesome family! We have an appointment with
them this week:) They are going to be baptized!:)

 Missions are the best!! And can bless the rest of our
lives!! And the eternities!! I am so excited to take trips back to Kansas
and see all the beautiful people here! I might be biased but I think
Kansas is pretty near translation. Well....the members are. There is
still some work to be done.
Missions are the best thing ever. Grandpa jay told me (when we
went out to lunch before I left) that he believes the best things any
young person can do is go on a mission or join the military. I believe
that. Discipline, accountability, doing things that are bigger, and
better, and beyond yourself ....and loving people more than yourself. On a
mission you get to be aquatinted with the "best gift this world has
ever known" (quote from elder holland) our savior Jesus Christ.

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