Tuesday, September 8, 2015

June 22

So this week was super interesting!!
MONDAY: We went to visit a referral from a member and she is the most solid person ever! She read the chapter we gave her and she actually filled out all the questions in the back of the plan of salvation pamphlet!! No way! She commited to quit smoking and she is on date for the 3rd of july!! Too bad our area is splitting.
TUESDAY: We had a dinner up in Meridian, like a half hour drive from Topeka. It was with a huge Polynesian family. It was super super good:) Then they all came to church:) even the less active-ish ones came.  We also acted out the Alma and Amulek story to them illustrating the principle of member missionaries:) It worked out great!
WEDNESDAY: We had a church tour with Jo:) She's awesome!  Then weekly planning that takes FOREVER!!!! Two areas= so much planning=all day inside=super bored and tired missionaries=cranky sister Moffat.
THURSDAY: We saw this super awesome mural in North Topeka. I'll send a picture later. So... um north Topeka=gun shots and the Po Po. Sketch. 
FRIDAY: Two funerals in one day? I think yeah. Both were members (sort-of). The first one was for a member but the whole family was super less active or super anti. It was held in the chapel but the whole room was FULL of tension. The spirit was super not there...
The next one was also for a member and her husband is a member but the rest This lady was baptized my first week in Topeka. She had some health problems and couldn't get baptized until March. Then just last week she passed away. It was sad, but there was so much peace! so much! the contrast between the first and the second were incredible!! (The first one had some really good ham and funeral potatoes though.)
SATURDAY: We took Jo to see a baptism:) It was awesome!She said she felt chills:) Awwww...love her!
SUNDAY: I got my training call!!!! I'M EXCEPTING A BABY GIRL!!!! Training! Finally!! And my trainee is a sister who wrote me a letter and emailed me back in march:) She read my blog and wrote me a letter asking for Kansas advice and stuff:) She made a joke saying "maybe you'll train me haha".  Whelp my baby has the spirit of prophecy:) I totally know what she looks like and everyone else has to wait until Wednesday haha!! 

love y'all so much!!!

Even in Topeka!! ......"And shout it out ReAL!!"

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