Monday, September 7, 2015

March 23

Monday: We went to the capitol building to see a tour of the rotunda and go out on top of the capitol building. 300 feet in the air!!! aaaah!! so cool!! 
Then we had an awesome FHE activity. Cake wars! Hunger games vs. Harry Potter! (Harry potter won)
Our message that we shared was that no man can serve two masters. That you can't serve God and mammon. You can't be on both teams at the same time. So that was way way fun. 
Tuesday: We had an awesome district meeting and then visited one of our less actives who lives in an old folks rehab center. She is battling depression and health problems. She has a hard time getting out of her room even though she is fully capable. We convinced her to have our lesson in the family room, and it was awesome!! We got to talk to her neighbors and she was laughing and joking and having a blast!! We talked about the rod of iron and how we need to hold it continually.  But then she says, "well yeah until a bolt of lightning strikes it"... she thought it was the funniest thing she's ever heard!! hahaha Not the best joke I've heard, but it's really great to see her light up like that :) 
Wednesday: Ok so today was crazy!!  We went over to a potential investigators house and he wasn't there, but his girlfriend was and so we talked to her. She let us in and listened to us for a little while, then suddenly UNLOADED and told all of the crazy, terrible, dangerous situations she's in. That she was currently in a pretty bad relationship with our potential investigator. Sister Kuchin and I were just like "uuuuuuuuh what is going on?" "what do we do?" "what do we say?"   We comforted her told her it wasn't her fault, and that our Heavenly Father watched over her and loves her so much! And that he will always love her! A member was with us and she spoke up and stared telling her about her mother and sister who were once in the same situation that she is.   The member started telling her that she needed to get out and that we were here for her.  She was then like "holy cow, I don't know why I just told you all of that".. and we testified that God sent us to her and that we loved her and she just sort-of in hysterics. We set up a church tour and we're getting an appointment to have her talk with bishop. We had no idea what to do except have her call LDS social services. We were so sad for her.
Oh...also on wednesday we got TIWI 
You may be asking yourself what a TIWI is. Well... just imagine having a backseat driver all the time...Every single time you drive!  A  babysitter that sits in your front window and monitors how fast you're going, and if you have your seatbelt on, and if you go over a bump or round a corner too fast, and if you accelerate or brake too fast. You have to log on every time you start driving, and every time you get a violation it's reported to the mission president. 
Thursday: We had a dinner appointment with one of our less actives and she is the funniest!!! 
Friday: We had a crazy busy day!! Miracles for days 
Saturday: Another busy day 
Sunday: baptism!!!! Double dunk session!!!!!! 
Harry Potter vs Hunger Games ( I was Katniss)
Sister Kuchin and I with Lois


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