Monday, September 7, 2015

May 4

SO....Here Goes.....Literally the most adventurous week of my mission 
MONDAY: We watched 'Meet the Mormons' with our YSA for FHE. It was a pj night so everyone came in sweats and pj pants.....but one of the 'kaw valley sister's' investigators wore his prison pants. Like.... the actual pants he wore in Topeka. 
TUESDAY: Zone powwow and District Meeting. Nothing too happenin'. Sister Furner was super sick so she stayed with a member. (Thank you sister Bidwell!) 
WEDNESDAY: So..... we got a call from Sister Bell. She wanted us to drive down to Wichita to go to the Wesley medical center down there. It's a super nice hospital (by kansas standards), and it is close to mission HQ.  That way, President and Sister Bell would keep and eye out for us and know what was going on. So we drove the 2 1/2 hours down  (ps I really don't mind road trips) (and I've gotten real good at driving long distances). So we get there and they immediately rushed us into the ER and got Sister Furner on and iv. Seriously,  within a half hour of us getting there! No 2 hour wait at this place! (unlike the ER we went to in Topeka. Yeah, that was a nightmare) They do an EKG and all these tests.. including a spinal tap! ah! But she couldn't really feel it due to the numbness. Phew! But also not phew. We got to the hospital at around 3, and we were admitted at like 9pm. One hour shorter than the entire ER stay in Topeka. Efficiency is something a hospital should not lack in. President and Sister Bell came to see us :) We had left all of our stuff in the car (we packed for like 4 days because we didn't know how long we'd be there) and my companion is on a gurney  hooked up to all this stuff, and so she can't walk me down. So the one person who volunteered to help me get the stuff out of the car is President Bell. So its just president and I, walking through this maze of a hospital trying to find our car. Talk about awkward!  Not awkward because President is intimidating at all, but it was just me and him.... not used to that at all. But Sister Bell brought me chick-fil-A for dinner:) She's the sweetest!
So we had nurses coming in and out every hour... all night long. And we were on hospital beds..... 
So that's how the night went.
THURSDAY: The day started off with breakfast and Sister Furner was able to keep that down!!!! yay!! They put her on the grand daddy of all nausea meds (it's amazing she says!) Anyway, it works wonders. Then they did an MRA and while they did that Sister bell took me to lunch to get some fresh air and get me out and walking. We went to chick-fil-a of course, and we talked a lot about different questions I had. She answered them and then some:) OK OK....let's just talk about how I  literally have the best mission president, and mission mom in the whole universe. No joke. So after we got back, Sister Furner got an EEG test, and a mono test and everything came back clear including spinal tap. So... nothing is majorly wrong. yay!! But we still have no idea what's going on. We saw the neurologist and he did a few tests and he took lots and lots of notes and left........uh... "so? what do you think is going on?" "please tell us!" 
And... so that was Thursday. Oh, and everyone in that hospital thinks we're nuns. We tried to explain but they were not believing it.  Haha....we're nuns.
FRIDAY: The doctor came in and told us that because everything came back clear she could be released!!!!! yay!!!!!!! That was around lunch time. The neurologist wasn't going to get back to us until later, so we packed up. And as soon as they took her off the IV we were outta there! We spent the night at the STL's apartment in Wichita. We need some good sleep for a big day tomorrow!
and President Christensen and Elder Deshler. 
THREE HOURS!! of spiritual revelation. It was so AMAZING!!!  And we got a picture of all the missionaries (except the Emporia sisters.... they missed the bus ...oops) 
So yeah it was a great day:) and then a 2.5 hour drive back to Topeka! It was so amazing to spend the night in our own beds though!! Truly lovely. 
SUNDAY: Super fun day......although, none of our investigators came to church. They probably think we forgot about them.... or they forgot about us.... either one. 
And then today (to tie in the prison pants from above)... we found out one of the shawnee recent converts is going to jail.  He's one of our YSAs.  He says its on false charges and that he will only be there for a short time, but he's suppose to go through the temple in july........
so that was the week...... 

Thanks everyone for all the prayers in Sister Furner's behalf. She says it's weird, but she can totally feel them.
I'm praying for blessing to be upon your heads:) 
love y'all so much!!! 
Sister Moffat

Sister Furner in the Topeka ER

Sister Furner and I in the hospital in Wichita

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