Monday, September 7, 2015

April 13

MONDAY: We had a crazy time at the dojo! No really.... I'm still tired from it. We learned about strikes. (Mostly jabs and cross punches) but I love going there. 
TUESDAY: We had Allison Wilkes, a girl in our ward who is preparing to be a missionary, come with us to district meeting. We also took her to go see a few potentials. We were able to see so many people!!! Yay missionary work:) 
WEDNESDAY: We got a return appointment to go see Brian, and oh my goodness it was one of the best lessons that has ever happened!! The spirit was extremely strong!! Brian opened right up with some of the things he's struggling with and all three of us (allison came with us again), were able to bear testimony about the atonement of Jesus Christ. All three of us testified of hope and peace through the gospel. He is still hesitant about baptism but I think it will happen!  He is solid!! I have so much faith in him:) 
Wow... Wednesdays are miracle days! They always are huge part of my updates. So after we talked with Brian, we went to go see Judy. Oh Brother,  I love this woman!! I want her as my bodyguard. She has no fear!! Anyway she has quit everything!!!  We've taught her the word of wisdom before, but she thought it was crazy, and then all of a sudden, she's like "man this is really stupid what you're doing to yourself, I gotta be a mom!!!"... and she quit. We fasted and prayed with her for an extra boost, and the elders came over with us to give her a blessing. After the blessing she said,  "Dude. What just happened? What was that?! I feel all warm, and happy.... and dizzy" hahaha! We laughed and then testified and she cried a little or a lot. It was awesome.
THURSDAY: I have no recollection about what happened on Thursday. 
FRIDAY: ZONE TRAINING!!! We met this one lady who kept us for an hour and a half talking about trains. We said maybe 10 words. No joke! So...that was an adventure. 
SATURDAY: We went to TCCP!! the COOLEST PLACE EVER!!!!! Topeka Community Cycling Project:) 
They take in old bikes and take them apart. Then they build new bikes and restore and fix bikes. And...if you volunteer there for 5 hours you can get a free bike!! So i'm going to probs take my bike in and get it fixed up. #admiralrevamped
We saw lots and lots of miracles. We taught 54 lessons in one week!
the end

Sister Moffat

PS....So I only have 8 months left! It's going by too fast!! When people ask how long I've been out it makes me sick inside because I only have so much time left. No offense but I don't want to leave Kansas. 
I love you all so much but I really don't want to come home. 



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