Monday, September 7, 2015

May 11

MONDAY: We had a Jedi, 'cinco de mayo' party! hahah so funny!! YSA FHE IS THE BEST!!! 
TUESDAY: So... we may have dine and dashed   :(    We went to a buffet with a less active family, and we just got up and left when they did. We didn't really think anything was wrong until we were planning and talking about the day... and thought about it ...and realized that they probably didn't pay.....#AWKWARD 
WEDNESDAY: OK can we just say that wednesday is literally adventure day! Just go back and look at all my Wednesdays they are always the biggest day of the week.   Just saying. Anyway... we drove to.....drum roll.....MISSOURI!!! Hahah we were told by Sister Bell to go talk to someone in Independence. So that was weird. And let me just say, MISSOURI HAS NO IDEA HOW TO SET ROADS UP!! It was ridiculous. 
Oh, also today we helped one of our investigators open her pool. That was fun. 
THURSDAY: We watched like a couple people trip and fall today.  So sad! We were in the car so we couldn't really stop and help them.... "so sorry!" "god loves you" 
FRIDAY: sick day
SATURDAY: ZONE TRAINING!!! wow! I just remembered a story! Haha! So we walked into a nursing home where we have a few people we study with there.  And we start talking to these Jehovah Witnesses that were there.  All of the sudden all the nurses start running around and yelling "back door! back door! back door!!!!!" and we were all like "" 
So we go about our business and then we see Bud, one of our favorite little old men, and he just has this smirk on his face. The first thing he says is "hi ladies, I escaped today!" hahah!!! We had to fight to hold back our laughter!! So... that happened 
SUNDAY: We had a few people at church. I got to talk to the family for mother's day. They made me really mad talking about how much time I have left.  NOT ENOUGH!!!
But I still love you guys. It was nice to talk to you

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