Tuesday, September 8, 2015

July 20

Haaallloooo everybody!!!
This week was really awesome!!!
MONDAY: We went to the capitol building and we went all the way to the
tip tippy top of the tallest building in Topeka!! I've done it before but
the wind was really really strong last week and it was really clear so
we got to see even more.  Then we had an awesome awesome FHE activity:)
haha! Perks of being in a YSA branch... human foos-ball.
TUESDAY: We had district meeting and then we went to go visit the
Thorntons. And then Sadie's older sister and younger brother moved back to
Topeka and her older sister Maranda wants to be baptized! :D
WEDNESDAY: Exchanges!!!!!! Also called divisions in some other
missions. Had sister Gomez come and stay with me in Topeka and sister
Clayton went to Lawrence with sister Gunderson. It was quite lovely. We
had a member come out with us for like four hours and we saw so many
miracles!!! Met Ellen who just had a family tragedy happen
and knew that her friend found peace in "the Mormon church". So she was
super super excited to see us on her porch:) Love member referrals
THURSDAY: Oh!!! So. I would like to applaud my mothers extreme
insanity and incredible obedience. Mother you are one in a million:)
So the story goes my mother (mother, if you wish to include this story
in my blog you are welcome to and you also have liberty to remove it)
was on her was to Arkansas with my aunt Christy and her children. Also
shout out to my awesome aunt!!! Christy you are one of the coolest
people I know!) Anyway, they stayed the night in Colby, which is in our
mission (ps if I were ever to go to a small town I would wish to go to
Colby) and they decided to see how far Topeka was out of their way, it
was only half an hour out of their way, so naturally they went. My
mother called and asked the mission office if she could see me. They
said no. I am amazed that my mother asked, and then that she obeyed.
Mother I'm quite sure I would have no idea what I would do with my
self if I saw you. Like run or just stand there in shock. I don't know
if I could have hugged you. Sorry I love you I really do, I just have
prepared myself not to see you for a very long while. So anyway, the
other side of he story is that we went on exchanges on Wednesday so we
did weekly planning on Thursday. We also were suppose to go do service
at door step (a place that homeless people can come and get clothes:)
We love going.  We we're going to go but they were getting new carpet
so we came home early like two hours early and got started on our
weekly planning:) Then we went about the rest of the day. We then went
over to a members house for dinner the Warths. So
ever since I came to Topeka sister Warth has been friends with my mom
because I told sister Warth that she looks like my mom. So she just
had to text her and be friends:) so sister Warth says "Hey I have
something to show you" and pulls open a picture of her and my mom
together at Sherwood lake. That day!! I freaked out!!! Hearing these
horror stories of missionaries who's parents surprise them with visits
and getting the missionaries in trouble and the missionary gets trunky
and doesn't work as well... and it just doesn't end well. So I braced for
my mother to jump out from somewhere and I was about to run or scream
or punch someone. Luckily for everyone involve my mother was already
on her way to Arkansas. Sister Warth continued to show me pictures of
my mother and other ward members who were at a lake party with the
warths. That was pretty cool!! My Topeka family and my Utah family in
one picture:) and then a picture of my mom in front of my apartment
door........say what now?!?.......... I asked sister Warth when my mom
was there, and we found out that my mother took that picture fifteen
minutes after my companion and I started our weekly planning session.
An hour and 45 minutes earlier than we normally would have been home!
So that's super weird/cool. My mom was like twenty feet away from me!
and I had no idea. Please appreciate her self control and obedience.
Anyway.... That happened.
FRIDAY: So hahah lots of funny stories:) about a week and a half
ago a DNC (do not contact) contacted us on the street asked us to come
over and and visit him. Because he is a single male and as a DNC we had
the elders contact him. The elders had no idea why he was in
our phone as a DNC, so Finally the elders texted him, and asked if
they could visit him, he said that he would love the missionaries to
come over and visit. He offered 10-15 dollars for the missionaries to
come over and be his lady friends..... Hahaha the elders told him they
were the male missionaries. He then said I can't talk to you I just
want lady friends. So sister Clayton and I just got offered 10-15
dollars to be "lady friends"..... Haha! well now we know why he was
a DNC.
We also got to see a super awesome Micronesian family, and their
daughter wants to go on a mission! And they told us that we could take her
out on team ups everyday:) holla!!
SATURDAY: Pretty standard day. No crazy stories. Saw crazy awesome
people just like normal:) Eeveryone in Topeka is pretty cool and has
really awesome life experiences. So everyone in Kansas loves to talk.
And my favorite thing ever is to collect stories. So I love going to
talk to random people everyday, because you never know who you are
going to meet and who has done what. You never know what kind of
stories people will tell. It's very normal to meet someone for the
first time and know everything about them including their birthday,
criminal record and health history. I really enjoy that people trust
us enough to with their stories.... But usually not enough to to let
us into their houses. Everyone just chills on their porch.
Sunday: Mission President's Devotional!!!! We had Mariann come!:) She
wants to serve a mission:) We are helping her to get there and prepare
for it:) Lots and lots of recent converts bore their testimony about
the church and we also found out that two of my recent converts in Kaw
valley (Kaw valley is still in Topeka. We just double covers it for a
while) are engaged!!! They have known each other for like a month.....
Talk about Mormon timing. At first I was nervous because it's two people
who are brand new to the church and who are still growing in their
testimony, and things could easily go south, but because they have
each other they are actually doing better:) They are progressing
faster and have set a day to be sealed in the temple. That day will in
a while, so I promised that I would be there:) Just ps mom and dad I
will be making several road trips back to Kansas to see people go
through the temple.
I love this gospel!! I love that the first thing Christ taught the
nephites in 3 nephi 11 was faith, repentance, baptism by water and
fire, and enduring to the end. 

I love y'all so much!!!!
-Sister Moffat
1. Kansas sunsets are the best. Y'all are jealous.
2. Sister Gomez is one of the most charming people around.

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