Monday, September 7, 2015

May 18

MONDAY: P-day and FHE 
TUESDAY: Well... we found out that Sister Furner is going home  :(   It was an emotional day. 
WEDNESDAY: More emotions.........saying goodbye to members and investigators
THURSDAY: More goodbyes and More tears
FRIDAY: My third time in 5 weeks, driving down to Wichita. It was sad. I bawled so much!!! Elder Myers one of our AP's talked to me, about not feeling like it was my fault, and feeling like I didn't do everything I could have done. It was good for me to hear. He was originally called to Argentina, but he went home for medical reasons, and was reassigned to the Kansas Wichita mission. He was kind-of emotional talking about how much my companion is going to need support and such.
Then we drove back and I hit a bird. 5 Baptisms and 1 death. 
SATURDAY:  I went on a solid team up with Allison Wilkes (one of my favorite members), to see Ingrid our investigator on date. We had a SOLID lesson on priesthood authority and prophets and baptisms :) so great. Then we met a referral from the kaw valley sisters and they are so awesome!!!!!! I am so excited to teach them:) 
SUNDAY: Stake conference!! So awesome! 
MONDAY: TRANSFERS!!.....But I'm staying! 

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