Monday, September 7, 2015

April 27

So this week has been really scary. Sister Furner woke up with pain last week, and this week it has only gotten worse. She can't feel her head and down to the middle of her back and all the way up into her cheeks. Sometimes her arms feel numb and she is vomiting all the time.  I'm really nervous. Our phone is going off non-stop with calls to Sister Bell, our medical coordinator, or the general medical coordinator over several missions.  We spent 7 and a half hour in the emergency room Saturday night. Sister Furner got an MRI and it came back clear. She had a rash that went down the front and back of her. In the ER, the doctors just treated her with "general head ache" because they don't know what's causing her symptoms. The General medical coordinator says that nothing is pointing to any specific "disease", but he is really concerned about a few things. No one is really telling us what is going on. We may have to drive down to Wichita today.
Please Please pray for my companion Sister Furner!  I am a little distracted. This week was hard. 

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