Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 24

Monday: Well we had a super chill p-day:)
Tuesday: Doctors office visit....again. Sister marcum had a test on
her intestine done and she had to drink this nasty chalk water that
was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I know. I tasted it!
Wednesday: Weekly planning... I hate it. A necessary evil. Sister
marcum agrees. But we got to see Flor:) She is so awesome!
Thursday: Interviews! Got to talked to President Bell one on one:) I love mama and
President Bell:) They are my mama and papa in Kansas:) I have lots of
family here in Kansas. I was practically born and raised in Kansas:) It was a good
but also terrible day. Mama Bell told us that sister Marcum would be
going home on medical release:( I was so upset I threw myself on the
ground and pouted for a few second.... because I'm five. ;)
Friday: Pouted and did missionary work... and pouted again. We also did
exchanges! I got to bring sister Wadsworth up to Maize, while sister
Marcum and Rosell went to Derby:) Lots of fun!!:) exchanges are the
best!! We get to do another one next week:)
Saturday: I got permission from President to go to the temple to see
the McMiller family from Manhattan, who I got very close with (I want
to kidnap their children. The McMiller family was sealed together for time as all
eternity exactly 1 year from the day that their parents were baptized:)
It was an incredible experience that I will never ever forget!
Temples, and families.... It is the most
important thing in this world. It is why we are here! Don't let a day
go by without thanking Heavenly Father for and asking him to bless
your family! Remember that everything that the adversary does is to
destroy the family. Do everything you can to protect your family,
present and future!
Sunday: It was a great Sunday. We talked about the righteous and good
use of media and habits that we can have in our lives that will help.
Being on a screen truly honestly makes you less sensitive to the
spirit!!! I testify of that.
Have a great week everyone and know how much I love you and love the savior!!

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