Monday, September 7, 2015

March 29

MONDAY: We had a bowling night:) we went bowling with 2 liter bottles and a soccer ball in the church cultural hall:) that was fun 
TUESDAY: We had a really great district meeting. We took one of our YSA who is waiting on her mission call to district meeting to see how it was. 
We also had a HUGE breakthrough with one of our less actives and got her started on a testimony building program to get her started preparing her for a mission! She she wants to leave in june ish. 
WEDNESDAY: We had sister's conference!!! I got to see sister Herrin!!!!!!! It was awesome! 
I gave a training on Drops of Awesome! I feel like I did pretty good:) 
We had the whole thing centered on facing the light and really living for Christ. Not just like living but LIVING!!! Really feeling life in you because of Christ. It was so awesome!!! I learned so much about who the Lord really wants me to be. 
Then we had a super awesome dinner with some of our members at Panera!! 
THURSDAY: NOBODY ANSWERED!!! We had a ton of super awesome solid appointments set up and we took a member and everything and no one answered. We talked to a ton of people about the #BECAUSEHELIVES video:) You should all go watch it!! It's amazing! 
FRIDAY: And still no one.  BUT we met these guys who are searching... Markese and Juan:) 
We also fasted for a Member and his less active family. 
SATURDAY: No one answered 
SUNDAY: No one came to church. BUT we found out that prayer and fasting works!!!! The member informed us that is Mom wants to starts family prayer!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! 

So today we found out about transfers:( Sister Kuchin is going to Pratt, and my new companion is going to be Sister Furner. I have no idea who she is. But I'm super Excited for this next transfer. It's gonna be awesome!!! 
and guess what?!?! ...WE ARE GETTING IPADS NEXT TRANSFER!!!
(but I have to pay for it.. bummer.)

Sister Moffat

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