Tuesday, September 8, 2015

June 15

Weekly update
MONDAY: We had a killer FHE, we played whiffle ball:)
TUESDAY: WE GOT IPADS!!!!!! Pretty cool:) they are a ton load of fun:)
and super effective tools for the work of salvation
WEDNESDAY: Double exchanges!!!! We did two exchanges in one day!!! Wow
that was crazy. Two trips up to Lawrence and back again.
Can someone say like 150 miles in 1 day.... Yikes. Eh. 
THURSDAY: We did services at door step:) super cool place in Topeka:)
If there is one thing I've come to appreciate on my mission, it is the
smell of old clothes.
FRIDAY: We weeded one of our memo's gardens.
SATURDAY: We tried to find one of our less actives who is in a nursing
home. But the management went out of business, so they had to move
all their residences to different homes. We drove all of everywhere
to find this place, and ended up at what is called the foundation
house.  This places was sketch. It looked like an abandoned school
building. We walked in... and it did not smell like a nursing home. There
were like two old guys there and a bunch of empty rooms. One guy drove
up and we talked to him, and asked about our less active. He said he
wasn't there. So we left. And on the back of this old man's car were a
bunch of crazy symbols and picture that looked demonic.
So Sister Gelabert jumped into the car and said "we need to get out of
here". In the car she told us that that man was a member of a super
scary cult like church. Super sketch. #adventursofamissionary
SUNDAY: 5.5 hours of church. THE EHPLE FAMILY CAME!!!! Finally!!!!
It was a good week:)
Love y'all so much!!!
Sister Moffat

Sister Gelabert

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